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Celebrity Chef Recipes Meets Home Kitchens With CrateChef Boxes


Many thanks to CrateChef for sending this box to be featured in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being inspired in the kitchen is something I've been lacking greatly in recent weeks. My schedule has been helter-skelter and work travel + work meetings has increased, so spending time sorting out recipes, finding the time to shop (y' all, I still can't bring myself to spend the "extra" money for grocery delivery or car drop offs when it's just me!), and cooking hasn't been top priority. It's a lot easier to make a salad, make some eggs, than full on meals.

When I heard about CrateChef, I was very excited. A prepackaged box full of items featuring one singular chef is right up my alley! CrateChef is a women- owned company that features chef's and their products to help us out in the kitchen. We all don't have the time to be fancy cooks, but with certain products, we can create wonderful amazing food items at home!

When I opened up the box I received, I noticed this box featured Chef Kenny Gilbert. Okay, I admit, I watch a lot of the Gordon Ramsay type shows- Hell's Kitchen Top Chef, all those celebrity chef competitions.. Can I ever cook like those contestants? Nope- that's why most of them have their own restaurants!

Chef Kenny Gilbert was on Top Chef Season 7 and did well- making a name for himself. He is currently in Jacksonville, FL and has his own line of spices available in lots of place.

What came in this box?

Chef Kenny's spice blends: Fried Chicken Seasoning, Jerk Spice, and Cinnamon Coffee Rub.
Pearl and Johnny Pickle Kit
OXO Good Grips Hand- Held Mandoline Slicer
Savannah Bee Wildflower Honey
Davidson of Dundee Orange Marmalade
Bob's Red Mill Red Quinoa
3 Recipe Cards
I'm always nervous when I receive spices and don't know much about the blends or chefs that created them. I did some googling on these 3 spices to try to find out more.

I found that the Fried Chicken Seasoning can also be used as an all purpose seasoning. The Jerk is best on foods using Caribbean inspired recipes. The Cinnamon Coffee Rub is recommended on salmon and chicken.

I've learned that before you begin cooking, it's important to taste the things you are using. It's hard with spices, but learning how much "heat"', what flavors are like for your own tastebuds, and how much to use is highly important so you get your recipes right.

For the Cinnamon Coffee Rub, many chefs also use this on red meat. Having a small sirloin in the freezer was the perfect occasion to break it out for Friday night dinner!

I decided to use the rub and a small marinade made of honey, balsamic vinegar, and brown mustard to prep the steak. Normally I'd use soy sauce too, but I'm currently out.

The Jerk seasoning will be stored away for another recipe, but the provided recipe of Jerk Broccoli with Papaya chutney does sound amazing.

The Fried Chicken Seasoning can be used in dredge/breading, as an all-purpose seasoner, and of course on many different types of foods. I was curious how this seasoning would do on potatoes. Having some yukon golds around, I sliced them up. I mixed some of the seasoning in with olive oil and did a toss. Transferred it to a baking tray and stuck them in the oven.

The Fried Chicken Seasoning does have some fire in it, so be careful if your palate isn't into spicy foods. It gives enough to be a kick, but not over power your senses. Chef Kenny specifically created this for an Oprah Winfrey holiday celebration in which he served fried chicken. I can't wait to try it out on chicken too!

Finally, the sauces. Most of us have probably heard of Savannah Bee Honey. The Wildflower Honey is the sister to the darker sweeter Tupelo honey. Chef Kenny shares that this honey is the main ingredient in his restaurant's Orange Blossum Honey Sauce (Silkie's, Jacksonville FL).

This honey is great! Not too sweet, flavorful, and can be used in so many recipes! Combined with the orange marmalade, this is a perfect addition for toast, biscuits, bread toppings, and perhaps even a cheese board accompaniment.

I am super excited about the Pickle Kit. Last year, I tried to pickle items and could never get the flavoring correct. It will have to wait a while as those types of veggies are not plentiful right now (who else is wanting their markets to reopen?) but I know it will be great! Pearl and Johnny has 4 different pickle kits and 4 different dip mixes, so be sure to check them out! The addition of the mandoline slicer is a great item to get all of those veggies sliced quickly for pickling prep!

Finally- quinoa. Not my forte, but of course, I'll try it. It's been the food of choice for many chefs as it adds extra flavoring, is better in nutrition, and is easy to prep in lots of ways.

CrateChef has created amazing curated boxes for those of us who love to cook but just need to be inspired or don't know where to start! Every 2 months focuses on a new chef. In fact, Crate Chef's February box just recently started shipping!

CrateChef is designed to be a subscription service, with lengths of one, three, or six months. If you choose the single box option, it is a reoccurring option and you will be billed every two months, when a new box ships out (plus the shipping fee). The Three and Six Month options are pre-paid, up front.

The downfall of the subscription service is that we don't know who will be featured! If you are a blank slate and open to lots of food choices and celebrity chefs, this is a great surprise. If you are more cautious, have lots of food restrictions; it might not be as a great.. it's totally your choice!

Gift Boxes and Build Your Own Boxes are available as well. These might be better options if you want to try out a box but don't want to commit to a subscription service just yet. I could see this being a great option to send to a loved one for an upcoming birthday or holiday celebration!

Want it? Get it! 

Purchase your subscription or gift box from CrateChef to enter into a new kitchen adventure this winter!

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