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Celebrate Galentine's Day With Seven Sisters Scones


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Did you know February 13th is Galentine's Day? Time to rally up all your gals and celebrate friendship! Created by Parks and Rec character, Leslie Knope, in 2010, this holiday has gained lots of traction in real and fictional life. 

No matter whether your gals live close by or far away, you can celebrate friendship with each other by sending a box of wonderful scones to share. Seven Sisters Scones has amazing gift sets, sampler boxes, and create your own boxes to share with your loved ones at home and far away! 

Morning Coffee and Sconie! Better with friends, but still gives the morning a kick! 

Celebrate Galentine's Day uniquely by:

  • Arranging a Mid- Morning Brunch! Invite the gals over, serve up your favorites, and have Seven Sisters available as part of the collection!
  • Arranging an afternoon tea outing- maybe you live in an area where it's freezing, so outside isn't possible, or maybe you live in an area where it's warm enough to find the park. No matter where, afternoon gatherings are the best with Seven Sisters Scones!
  • Movie Night! Grab the entire family and your bestie's family. While the kiddos have hot chocolate and popcorn, the adults can have tea and scones!
  • Is your friend ill? Drop off a bag full of great scones and some tea/ coffee to help them feel better!
  • Live too far away to gather in person? Arrange a video chat call. Brew up that coffee and warm up those scones! Don't forget to send a box to your bestie to share! 
  • Finally, if you and your gals can't gather together, share the love by sending them Seven Sisters Scones gift boxes! With individually wrapped scones, sampler boxes, and additional items; your best gal friend will experience joy and love! 

We all need gals that we trust, love, and celebrate with and we often gather around food, so make Galentine's Day extra special! The I love you Box full of 6 Strawberry Champagne Mini Sconies and 6 Chocolate Raspberry Mini- Sconies is the perfect way to share that love with your friends and family. 

Seven Sisters Scones have great unique flavors that aren't over powering. I love the Strawberry Champagne flavoring myself! Flavors can be seasonal and there are often a great mix between savory and sweet scones. 

Strawberry Champagne Sconie is delicious! 

Seven Sisters Scones are great treats to send to a loved one or have available for your own family. Scones are made ship out within 24 hours of placing an order. Arriving in a beautiful box, all individually wrapped, makes it a perfect way to share with others, still have scones be transportable, and freezable as well! 

Scones and Mini- Scones are available in various samplers, create your own sets, and baskets! The Scones, Jam, and Tea Sampler would be amazing to purchase for a Galentine's Day Brunch or Afternoon gathering. 

Want it? Get it! 

Find your perfect Seven Sisters Scones gift-set or sampler box! 

Use Code SISTER to save 10% on all samplers and boxes of scones! 

Orders can be scheduled too- so perhaps you have a birthday coming up later in the month? Order now and schedule the delivery for when you need it!! 

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