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5 Myths About Italian Citizenship By Descent Debunked


Ancestral connections in another country may qualify you for its citizenship, depending on its immigration laws. It can be an excellent opportunity to start life afresh and reclaim your roots. Italy is among the countries that open the citizenship by descent route for applicants to claim the right by bloodline. Millions of Americans have an Italian bloodline and thousands apply for Italian citizenship by descent every year.

If you wish to explore this opportunity, here is a detailed guide by Bersani Law Firm to help. But some myths and misconceptions may keep you from going ahead. Let us debunk them to help you go ahead without doubts and apprehension.

Myth #1- Eligibility requirements are complex

Essentially, eligibility for  Italian citizenship by descent depends on your bloodline. You may claim through your parents or ancestral connections beyond. But some conditions apply, and you may find them complex. However, these conditions are pretty straightforward. You have to ensure that your ancestor was alive and a citizen after Italian unification in 1861. Secondly, they must not have given up their citizenship by naturalizing elsewhere before the birth of their child.

Myth #2- Claiming through a female can be challenging

Another misconception you must stop believing is that claiming through a female ascendant can be challenging. The Jure Saniginis process applies if your mother or female ascendant gave birth after 1948. But you have to take a different route if she gave birth before the year because women were not allowed to pass their citizenship rights to their children before 1948. You can claim through the Italian court via the 1948 Rule.

Myth #3- Gathering your ancestor's local documents is tough

The process requires you to obtain birth, death, and marriage certificates from your ancestor's local comune. It sounds like a lot of work if you live in another country. Imagine the complexity of obtaining decades-old documents from a government office in an Italian comune. But the truth is that getting these documents is easy if you collaborate with a local citizenship expert. 

Myth #4- You have to wait forever for your appointment

The thought of waiting for your appointment at the consulate is daunting. You may have to wait for several months or even a year for your turn. But the waiting period depends on the queues at the consulate, which are typically long. The good thing is that you can close the process quickly by having the documents at hand. Ensure they are complete and correct, and the wait will be worthwhile. 

Myth #5- There is no easy way out

The citizenship by descent process may take a couple of years to complete, but there is actually an easy way out. You can rely on a citizenship specialist to guide you throughout the journey. They can validate your eligibility and help you with the 1948 alternative if you do not qualify for the Jure Sanguinis route. Further, they can check your documents and ensure no errors or omissions. It gives you better chances of closing the process fast. 

Citizenship by descent is worth pursuing because it gets you a second passport at the earliest. Steer clear of these myths, and you can claim your right without delay or hassles. 

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