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Why Writing Skills Are Important for Kids and Students?


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Why Does It Matter?

The power of writing is hard to contest. A good writer is as good a communicator and thinker. Advanced writing skills improve a person’s overall cognitive skills, which is why it’s important to start developing them early on. They are indispensable in managing, sharing, and harnessing knowledge. Writing skills also help develop a lot of other skills and capacities that we might not even think about.

Of course, age matters when it comes to the importance of writing skills. There are different types of approaches to teaching and learning writing skills. What works for a student might be too advanced for a kid. However, setting aside methodology, there are some clear benefits that both students and kids will get as they embark on a wonderful journey of mastering writing skills. 


As John Searle, a renowned American philosopher once put it: “If you can’t say it clearly, you don’t understand it yourself.” The saying really hits the nail on the head. It is inconceivable to be able to communicate clearly without having well-developed writing skills. Again, substance varies by age, and students and kids have different skill levels, but clarity is key to both.

Analytical and conceptual thinking skills

Writing skills are also important for developing solid analytical and conceptual skills. In this regard, kids will be developing such skills at a basic, foundational level while students will be pursuing more complicated goals. Students often need to buy essay online for cheap, but they still need to possess these skills to be able to assess what they get. That helps them ensure they get the best product.


Writing skills also boost creativity and imagination. Not only do they help kids and students write in a rational, logical manner, but they also help them push the envelope. By mastering writing skills, kids and students alike are able to explore uncharted waters that will challenge them to experiment and learn in some of the most fascinating ways. In addition, creative writing is an awesome way of boosting the overall mental capacities.


Writing skills also develop strong decision-making skills. When a student needs to choose a college, he or she needs to follow a rational and consequential decision-making process. By developing writing skills, one learns just that. Just as one needs to structure a writing piece, a student also needs to come up with a structured process to make a decision about which service to use.


Last but not least, strong writing skills give a major boost to kids’ and students’ self-confidence. When they are able to communicate in a clear and persuasive way, they are immediately putting themselves in the driver’s seat under any circumstances. This is a lifelong benefit, which they will be reaping for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

Writing skills are not only important for the sake of writing well. In addition to developing strong communication skills, they have a number of related benefits that will have a long-term impact on the development of kids and students as successful leaders in whatever field they choose to build their careers.

Writing skills also boost kids’ and students’ creativity and self-confidence, which are essential ingredients for success. It makes sense to make an investment in developing writing skills early on to be able to enjoy the long-term benefits for the years to come. 


Michael Carr’s experience and interests lie in the fields of linguistics, education, and multiculturalism. He has a lot of followers who have enjoyed and benefited from his writing on these subjects. Michael’s tips are usually based on his own research or observations while drawing on authoritative sources. 

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