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Have an Out of This World Family Adventure with MONSTER FAMILY 2: NOBODY'S PERFECT


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What better way to wrap up the holidays than with a fun family movie that the kids will absolutely love? I'll admit, the time right after Christmas and New Year's Day can be sort of a let-down after all of the fun and festivities of the season. In my house, we set aside Friday nights for Family Movie Night, and it helps us keep that sense of family togetherness when life gets crazy. It also gives us something to look forward to each week- the kids are always excited to find out which movie we'll watch together next!

We recently had the opportunity to see MONSTER FAMILY 2: NOBODY'S PERFECT, which is available everywhere today on Digital and On Demand! 

The Wishbones are a happy family – but not all is perfect. Max and Fay are struggling with the pressures of growing up, while Mom and Dad have the demands of work and parenting; but their hum-drum life is about to change. Mila Starr, a monster hunter, has made it her mission to capture all spooky creatures including the Wishbone’s friends King Conga, The Loch Ness Monster, and The Yeti. In order to save their friends, the Wishbone’s must transform into monsters themselves. Together as a Vampire, Mummy, Werewolf, and Frankenstein, the family take off on the most monst-umental adventure of their lives.

If your family loves mystery and adventure, they will adore this movie! My kids love superhero and spy movies- and what happens when an awesomely super family like the Wishbones have to save their friends? They have to turn into monsters in order to do it, of course! Every member of the family will connect with the fabtastic characters in this film- even the family pet!

Check out the trailer for this fun-tastic family movie!

The family must work together to complete their mission, but what happens when family starts to focus on their flaws? The movie is a fabulous reminder that no one is perfect, and it's their special gifts and even quirks that make a family work so well together. 

With super fun characters like bats, Frankenstein, mummies, and even a yetti, your family will laugh along with the wonderful Wishbones all the way through this adventurous movie! We enjoyed watching this together. It sparked some wonderful conversation as to why it's so important to embrace our differences and support the people we love all through life.

Plan your next Family Movie Night!

Ready to enjoy a little quality time with your family at home? There's no better time than now! Make it fun by cooking dinner together, and camping out in the family room with yummy food, and maybe even popcorn for later! Grab my recipe for Monster Munch - a perfect snack to pair with your family's viewing of MONSTER FAMILY 2.

Want to see it? Of course you do!

MONSTER FAMILY 2: NOBODY'S PERFECT is available everywhere and On Demand January 4th, 2022. If you're an Amazon Prime member, be sure to catch MONSTER FAMILY 2 on Prime Video!

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Be sure to watch the trailer above and tell us what you think of this adorable movie!

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