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Pack Up Your Clutter in a Self-Storage Unit

The advantage of a self-storage unit is that it will sort out clutter. It will give property and its owner space to breathe. Gathering surplus items is a way of life but it need not inhibit life when we can have a means of reallocating items that we still want to keep in our possession.

 A 5x15 storage unit, which is 5 feet wide by 15 feet wide, will mean a total of 75 square feet to accommodate many of our items away from our home. This medium-sized self-storage unit is the equivalent of a large-sized walk-in closet. This will allow you to gauge just what you might fit inside it.

Let us then consider how we could clear the clutter from certain rooms using self-storage.

Living Room

The living room is where we sit and watch TV and like to relax. It is where we will have chairs for lounging about on. Should we have more chairs than we need, then it can become cluttered. Sometimes we will want those chairs if we are having guests around to entertain. The rest of the time the extra furniture is surplus to our requirements. We could then, for instance, take some of the chairs to our self-storage unit and house them there until we get together again with others.

Dining Room

Circling back to chairs again, we can also accumulate more chairs than are needed to sit around the table. These can go into self-storage until needed. Adorning our walls will be pictures. We will often have enough equivalent pictures to swap with them all stored in the attic or garage. Is that the best place for them, though? They would keep much better inside a self-storage unit that is temperature and humidity controlled.


When we end up with too many clothes, more than we can fit inside our wardrobe, we can look at buying another wardrobe, except our bedroom might not be big enough to house another one. This is if we do not have fitted wardrobes. The solution then is to relocate these surplus clothes, which may be specific to a particular season, to our self-storage unit until we want them again. They could be housed in a wardrobe there to keep them from getting creased and so store them to their best. Particularly if they are suits or long dresses.


It is as if crockery is multiplying by itself sometimes. We seem to end up with more than gets broken. That, you might say, is a good thing, except we run out of kitchen cupboard space. It is only possible to make use of a certain number of plates, even if we have the largest dinner party. They could go to a charity shop, except that we inherited them from a family relative. The solution then is to put these into self-storage.

Self-storage units are useful for protecting and preserving items as well as keeping them secure. It is good for the mind to declutter and move things into them that are duplicates or just not required at a particular moment in time. These items can include furniture and clothing. In the case of a wardrobe, the two go together. The different seasons will mean that one item of clothing becomes unsuitable to wear because of how much it covers or what shade it is.

The units are available to rent away from the home, but still local to us for easy access and will mean that we can clear out the old without having to dispose of items and rebuy them for the next dinner party or season they are needed again. Self-storage units represent a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to everyday living. It makes no sense to rebuy everything because we must dispose of the old every time a season moves on from one to the next.

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