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Fashion is evolving both culturally and in its influence on genders. That is why there are evolving trends. And being every new trend is a creative mind or company that is redefining what we used to know and believe as “woke” styles. A few names stand out when it comes down to eyelash styles.

These names command the creativity, innovation, and evolution of eyelash styling. The name that we will be examining in this article is Lashify. Sahara Lotti started in 2016, and it has brought about some thoughtful lash styling ideas. By going through this post, you will discover some of the goals and features of Lashify.

Putting Mascara Out of Business

Mascara has been around since 1872, and its first formula was a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal dust. But since then, it has evolved to some of the more sophisticated formulas we have today. Some present-day ingredients include carbon black pigment, preservatives, thickening waxes, etc. But the use of mascara is more adverse than it is advantageous. For instance, mascara can cause an eye infection, eyelashes falling off, aging, among others. That is why Lashify is outspoken about putting mascara out of business. To do so, they introduced luxury DIY lash extensions.

Luxury DIY Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a more prevalent alternative to mascara. The growing popularity is rightly so because most of the formerly prevalent adverse effects of mascara have been eradicated. Not only that, but also because there are more advantages for choosing it. Some of it is the longevity, the multiple customization options, among others. Now, Lashify has keyed into these advantages and improved it into a luxury DIY feature. It is as simple as it sounds. You do not need an expert or a class. You can apply your eyelash extensions at home with the Lashify control kit.

Lashify Control Kit

This control kit contains all the tools you need to make your temporary lash extension from the comfort of your home. The kit contains the fuse control wand, wandom pair, two gossamer lashes, whisper light dual-sided bond, glass, and a storage box. You can find many other products on Lashify.com, Lashify eBay, or Lashify dupe amazon. For instance, you can include products like pre-cleanser, a squeezable tool for drying air, lash remover, and so much more.

Sales Price/Cost

The Lashify control kit and other attachable products are cheaper than most lash extensions products based on market prices. On Lashify official website (of Lashify.com), the control kit cost $145. But compared with many other lash extensions products, the kit is valued at $183. You would even be saving a lot on your face makeup because Lashify can last for up to a week.


Lashify has garnered 70 patents and 50 trademarks for its businesses worldwide. This fact and some others that I discussed earlier in this post show the handful of products that Lashify is constantly bringing to the eyelash horizon. These products and their much-needed features are the common trends during face makeups, especially for eyelash extensions.

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