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Kiss Foot Pain Goodbye Thanks to KURU Footwear #MBPHGG21

Thank you to KURU for providing me with product in exchange for sharing my thoughts.

It can be difficult to jingle all the way when you're in pain. There's no way to deny how much time spent on your feet is often involved in getting everything ready for the holidays. Whether you're shopping, baking, or just out and about to enjoy holiday festivities, you're guaranteed to be on your feet for a while. Merry-making becomes much less merry if you're dealing with foot pain, but thanks to KURU, you can kiss that foot pain goodbye and start enjoying all the fun the holidays bring along with them.

 You might remember that we proudly featured KURU Footwear last year, and this year, we're back again with an amazing new style and gift idea! You might not think of shoes when it comes to gift-giving, but I've got to tell you- I typically gift a new pair of shoes to everyone in my immediate family for Christmas. You know, there's something that happens like not buying shoes for yourself when you have kiddos because they need them more than you do, and that's usually the case with me and my husband. I'm okay with not buying new shoes often because I have tons of shoes, but my hubby has fewer pairs, and he's really hard on his shoes, so he goes through them much more often. 

Not only is hubby hard on his shoes, he really needs super high-quality shoes that are going to give him the support he needs. He's on his feet a lot and needs his feet to be comfortable so he can do his job well. This is why we fell in love with KURU Footwear! a super new footwear brand with a fresh mission. KURU Footwear includes KURUSOLE Technology- designed just for you! It's truly unique, and is even recommended by medical professionals! 

Meet KURU's Limited Edition CHICANE Hiker

KURU Chicane ($165.00) Limited Edition

KURU has an amazing selection of men's sneakers, but I was pleasantly surprised to also find that they have a great selection of men's hiking shoes and boots. My guy loves to hike and to be active outdoors, so having a great hiking shoe is a must for him. His old hikers have gotten to be pretty worn, so this holiday season calls for a new pair. My problem with hiking shoes is that they often look like they should only be worn for hiking. Not the Chicane's, though! They are sleek and stylish and can be worn casually or for outdoor activities.

High treat, reinforced heels, and quality craftsmanship are a winning combination in these handsome Chicane's by KURU.

CHICANE was designed with an innovative, asymmetric tongue that follows the natural curve of your instep. This makes the shoe super comfortable to wear- wherever your day takes you.

Moisture-wicking liners and grippy rubber outsoles are ideal for adventures across the globe. Underneath, the proven KURUSOLE technology provides unmatched heel support for a trail shoe that keeps your feet happy.

Rugged on the outside, soft on the inside. Kind of like life.

Top Reasons Why Folks are Buying CHICANES

Ease back pain
Heel pain
Plantar Fasciitis

It's easy to see why anyone would want to buy such an awesome pair of hiking shoes. I love how stylish these shoes are, and I know they're going to get a 10/10 from my husband.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to KURU to check out these & other great styles for men and women. Be sure to follow KURU on Facebook and Insta so you never miss a new release! We're proud to feature KURU on Mommy's Block Party. Be sure to look for them in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

Which KURU style would you love to receive?

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