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A Comfortable Step in the Right Direction with KURU Footwear #MBPHGG20


Thanks to KURU Footwear for providing me with product to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

'Hon! I need new shoes!' If I had a dime for every time my husband uttered this phrase, I'd be a semi-rich gal. No lie, every couple of months, it seems that my husband of nearly thirteen years is sulking over another pair of crazy expensive sneakers which have been sacrificed to the used sneaker gods. Drama aside, my hubby is crazy hard on his shoes. I have only met two other people in my life who are as hard on shoes as he is- his mom, and our friend Tay. With four people living under my roof (and my budget), who has hundreds of dollars to spend on shoes every couple of months? Not me!

I've shared a lot of great shoe brands on Mommy's Block Party through the years- it's true. We've purchased from many brands which we've featured here, but none of them every seem to last as long as I want them to, while giving the much-needed support to the person wearing them.

My shoes seem to last forever. I have so many different pairs, that I only wear them every now and then. My husband is a different animal, however, and would rather spend more money on really good shoes that will last a long time. I get it- I do. It seems as though we've been burning through shoes lately, though. We're trying to be more active, walking and running more, but the bottom line is that my hubby is a heavier person, and wears shoes down... fast! We need shoes that'll last us through the year before we have to shell out big bucks for a new pair.

Lucky for us, we were just introduced to KURU Footwear- a super new footwear brand with a fresh mission. KURU Footwear includes KURUSOLE Technology- designed just for you! It's truly unique, and is even recommended by medical professionals! 

The amazing KURUSOLE hugs your feet, allowing your body to heal. Other shoes mess with nature, flatten your fat pad, and throw off your biomechanics and alignment. KURU works with nature to keep your fat pad young and healthy. For folks like me (with a bad knee), or my hubby (who suffers from shin splint pain), KURUSOLE tech is the solution we've been looking for in comfortable footwear, along with a stylish and durable design made to last!

Sacha has had an amazing experience with his first pair of KURUs. He chose the QUANTUM in Tungsten-CardinalBlack. These are a lightweight shoe, offering tons of support and protection. They're super breathable, and are meant for everyday activity from raking leaves to jogging the neighborhood.


    Arch Support - Exceptional arch support built in

    Materials - Synthetic uppers, synthetic linings, KURUCloud Mid Sole, Non-marking rubber outsole

    Heel to Toe Drop 8mm

    Width - D+

    Origin - Designed and Developed in the USA

    Price- $135.00

Hubby loves his Quantums! This is by far his favorite pair of shoes ever! He loved the sleek design, and that this shoe is available in various color combos. The medium to wide width options are fantastic! He has great arch support in these, and wears them effortless all day. After wearing them to work, he received tons of compliments on his KURUs and was really happy to share where his coworkers could find them!

Want them? Get them!

We love KURU so much that we're recommending their shoes as a top holiday gift for 2020! The QUANTUMs are featured in our Gifts for Men Guide, but KURU has tons of styles for women, too! I can't wait to get a pair for myself so I can get in on KURU's comfy tech! 

Head on over to KURU to shop for holiday gifts, and while you're there, be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you never miss a shot in the drawing for a FREE PAIR OF KURUs!

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What about these cool shoes appeal to you? 

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