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Elfcapades! Fun Ideas for Your Family's Christmas Elf


With just a few more days until Christmas, our family's Elf Game is in full swing! Many families have an adorable, yet mischievous little elf who visits during the holiday season. This magical elf reports on childrens' behavior each night- heading back to the North Pole to chat with Santa. Sometimes the elf does silly, impish things, and sometimes he or she might even leave treats for the family. Whether your family's elf is allowed to be touched by the children or not- the Elf has become quite the tradition for many families. Mine is no exception.

Our family elf, Snowflake usually shows up the day after Thanksgiving, and moves around our home all through December, until Christmas Eve, when he leaves our house for the last time of the holiday season. Of course, it's up to the parents to 'help' their family's elf complete holiday missions in their homes. While my elf game is usually strong, it's been lacking a bit this year with such a tiny baby in my arms several hours a day. Having a calendar or printable plan is always a good idea. Some parents even put their elves in quarantine to avoid having to move the elf for a few days. 

My husband and I try to keep the fun elf tradition alive in our home. After all, our kids are 11, 5, and 3 months, so the elf magic isn't going anywhere for many years to come. Keeping it simple when it comes to our elf is what makes it work for us. Check out some of the fun things our elf has been doing this holiday season.

New jammies for all!

Snowflake comes back from the North Pole to usher in the holiday season, and brings a gift of new holiday pajamas for all of the kids!

Elf slumber party!

Snowflake snuggles up in the living room with a sleeping bag and holiday popcorn mix for a sleepover!

Special messages for the kids!

Some mornings, Snowflake leaves special messages for the kiddos. These are usually spelled out in candies or marshmallows... Snowflake's favorites!

Special Elf cereal!

Snowflake brings back Elf cereal from the North Pole and sets everything out for breakfast before the kids are up.

Midnight snack

Even elves need midnight snacks sometimes. Our elf traveled to Grammy and Poppa's house for a sleepover and got into the cabinets in the middle of the night to make himself a s'more.

Through the years, our elf has done all sorts of silly things. He's hung the kids' underpants on the Christmas tree, hidden things around the house, relaxed in a hammock made from a mask, gotten tangled in the Christmas tree lights, read stories to stuffed animals, set up a hot cocoa bar, and more. There's no telling what he'll get into or do each night.

We keep it simple when it comes to our elf, but some families go all out! If you're needing ideas for your elf (because he'll still be around for another week), check out 25 Days of Elf Ideas.

Does your family have an Elf? What types of shenanigans has your Elf gotten into this season?

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