The Return of Snowflake the Elf + 25 Days of Elf Ideas

The holidays are already merrier, thanks to our Elf, Snowflake. Snowflake is an Elf Magic Elf, rather than an Elf on the Shelf. Snowflake first came to our family a few years ago and has been well loved ever since. He is soft and huggable, and the kids just adore the little guy.

Snowflake comes to stay with us from Black Friday through Christmas Eve Day. He has his own cozy Elf house that B and I constructed out of a cardboard box, complete with a bed, Christmas tree, and hooks to hand ice skates and an elf scarf.

B loves to hang with Snowflake before school each morning.

We have a little party to welcome Snowflake every year. Each night, the kids sprinkle Snowflake with magic snowflakes, which help him journey back to the North Pole. He gives Santa a behavior report on each child and then returns to our house before the kids wake up.

Sometimes Snowflake gets into some pretty silly situations when he's on his way back home. So far this season, we've woken up to find him riding a pony, hanging from our Christmas garland, and just this morning, we found him all tangled up in dental floss!

Some days, Snowflake leaves little treats for the kids. It might be a candy cane, or it might be something else. There's no true rhyme or reason to what Snowflake might do or bring. Snowflake will likely be bringing the kids an Advent calendar. He'll also bring treasured Christmas books back for the kids to read and enjoy this holiday season. He usually brings Christmas sprinkles for cookie decorating, a box of blank Christmas cards so that we can write cards to our shut-ins from church, and he brings a tag from the Angel tree so we can shop for Christmas gifts for a child in our community.

Snowflake helps us get ready for Christmas. Aside from leaving the occasional treat, he reminds us what Christmas is all about.

Are you in need of some ideas for your family's elf? Check out some of my top picks...

Elf serves up green pancakes with red sprinkles for breakfast.
Elf leaves a creche and nativity figures for kids to set up.
Elf wraps himself in wrapping paper.
Elf goes fishing for Goldfish crackers in the bathroom sink.
Elf brings the family Advent calendar.
Elf hides 12 candy canes in the house- can the kids find them all?
Elf plays video games with stuffed animals.
Elf hangs on the couch, with remote in hand and popcorn bowl.
Elf brings a Christmas movie for the kids.
Elf traps older child in their room by blocking the doorway with streamers or painters tape.
Elf brings new Christmas jammies for each child.
Elf draws funny faces on family photos with a dry erase marker.
Elf TP's the Christmas tree.
Elf Wraps the toilet in wrapping paper.
Elf hangs underwear on stocking hooks.
Elf takes a bubble bath in the sink w/mini marshmallows.
Elf makes 'sprinkle angels' on the kitchen counter.
Elf Ziplines across the kitchen.
Elf spells out 'Be Good' or 'Good Job' in Cheerios or M & M's.
Elf turns the milk green.
Elf leaves chocolate chip cookies for a snack.
Elf gets tangled in dental floss or Christmas lights.
Elf suggests a community service project.
Elf brings Christmas cards to write and deliver to shut-ins or family/friends.
Elf encourages kids to think of helping others by starting a canned food collection bag to be donated to a local food shelter.
Elf leaves a Christmas Eve box for the kids with a Christmas storybook, holiday movie, and hot cocoa.

I hope you'll give some of these a try this year with your kids and your Elf! We'd love to hear more Elf ideas- feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for other readers to enjoy.


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