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The Design and Style of Billi Vs. Zip


One thing that you will need to look at when you try to compare the Billi filtration system and the Zip filtration system is the design and the style of these systems. They will provide a great style that looks good in all kitchens and homes, but you will need to take a look at which one works for your home.


The Zip filtration will come in a few designs like the square design cube or the goose neck style Arc. They will also have the all in one tap Celsius, which is going to help dispense both of the mains unfiltered for the cold and hot water along with the sparkling water, the chilled water, and the boiling water. This is a great option if you do not want to have two taps, one for the filtered water and one for the unfiltered water.


Both of these brands will come with a hot water supply option so that you do not need to have this separate. This is going to help with applications that do not have a mains hot water supply or that may have some issues with the hot water as well.


The biggest issue with the Billi system is that it requires you to have two different taps if you want water that is filtered and water that is unfiltered. The two tap option is sometimes a little easier for maintenance, but if you want to just work with one tap instead of two in your home, then the Zip filtration system is going to be a better option.


If you plan to install this system as a stand alone tap with a separate bench mounted drain, you will need to compare the drain kit that comes with each system. Billi’s drain kit is going to be more rectangular while the Zip will be round. For most homes, this is not a big deal, but it could depend on the type of setup that this has to start with.


You will be glad to know that both of these systems are going to offer a variety of tap color options to match your kitchen. The Billi system is going to offer more unique options so if you want something that is different or have very specific colors, the Billi system is best. But Zip has some good choices too. You can go with a traditional color like polished or brushed chrome if you would like to use it, but you can also pick other colors like lime green, matte white, gloss black, matte black and more to help make the kitchen look better than ever before.


When you are comparing the Billi vs. Zip filtration systems, you may wonder which one is going to be the best for your needs. Both are high-quality options that will be able to ensure that you have a great system that is meant to last and will get the filtration done that you need while still being efficient at the same time. Consider the design and the style of both of these systems to see which one is the right one for you. 

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