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Spray Foam Insulation for New Construction


Building "insulation" used to conjure up thoughts of pink or white/yellowish-colored coils of fiberglass batting material. Long strips of fiberglass batting have indeed been cut around wall studs and layered between the outer wall as well as the sheetrock interior.

Fiberglass from boom and bucket provides significantly superior (& safer) construction insulation than the centuries-old materials utilized in construction. However, breathing the microscopic fiberglass particles that can liberate from the bunting during handling posed a substantial health danger and continues to do so. When installing fiberglass insulation, conventional safety equipment included a helmet, gloves, goggles, and clothes.

Fiberglass, while its insulating properties, does not offer a true vapor & air barrier if improperly installed.

Many modern commercial construction projects use foam insulation, which provides better insulation and other incursion resistance than fiberglass batting. Let's take a look at the history and applications of foam insulation.

Types of Modern Spraying Insulation 

There are two types of modern spraying insulation used in construction: "Open Cell" and "Closed Cell" foam.

  • Open Cell foaming is made up of microscopic, partially closed foam cells. The "open" region inside the material is filled with air. 

The R-value of open-cell foam is 3.4 and 4.5 per inch. The use of open-cell insulation as a sound barrier is particularly successful (nearly twice the sound resistance as Closed Cell foam).

  • Closed Cell foaming is made up of tightly packed, fully closed cells that are filled with gas, allowing the foaming to rise & expand.

The R-value of closed-cell foam ranges from 5.4 and 7.2 per inch. Closed Cell provides enhanced insulation and is improved by the addition of insulated surfaces due to their higher cellular density.

Spray insulation's advantages

When employed in homes and offices, this insulation provides a number of distinct advantages:

  • The insulation has no nutritional value, which means that damaging insects and rats will not eat it. Because spray foam gun is an inert material, bacteria and fungus development cannot occur.

  • Spray foam insulation, when applied in a liquid state, expands and adapts to all open spaces, forming a "continued heat envelope" which efficiently seals off leaks & gaps while also keeping insects and vermin out. Spray foam insulation sticks to any clean, dry surface and doesn't shrink, settle, or dissolve. Commercial construction has a high value.

  • Traditional fiberglass is much more expensive to set up than spray foam insulation. Spray foam, on the other hand, has significant sound & weather insulation benefits in almost any building application.

  • Its initial cost will be compensated by its long life (80+ years), capacity to fill even for the smallest spaces that fiberglass can't, and improved energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs. Spray foam insulation is projected to gain in popularity in both the residential and commercial building industries as the emphasis on energy efficiency grows.

Is it a Secure Option for Your Residence?

As a homeowner, the worst error you can make is using toxic spray foam insulation. It's a big deal to get the correct insulation for your home. You anticipate it to help you seal your home & cut your energy bills, but sometimes saving money comes with a price you're not ready to pay.

Spray foam has recently been a popular option among builders & homeowners for a variety of reasons. Its most significant advantage is that it totally closes all of the microscopic gaps and holes that allow bugs, air, & moisture to enter your home.


Spray foam may save you money on your energy bill, but it may come at the risk of your health. Let's look at what spray foam is or the risks it poses so you can make the best option for your home & health.

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