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Lifestyle Choices to Prevent the Chance of Having Stroke

 With almost 800,000 Americans encountering a stroke yearly, it is no doubt that stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. To put this in a simple view, somebody in the United States experiences a stroke every 40 seconds. And someone dies in a stroke every 4 minutes. 

Although the number might seem unpromising, there are various ways to avoid stroke from happening; even if a stroke is inevitable. There are many steps you can take while it is occurring that may increase the chances of healing. 

Here are the things you need to know: 

Lifestyle Changes: Stroke Prevention

Whether you are looking to adjust to a more heart-friendly lifestyle or particularly want to lessen the risk of stroke, changing your lifestyle may bring good news to your life. You may begin with changing your food choices, exercise habits, and lifestyle. It can create a massive impact on avoiding strokes. 

  • Eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for a heart-friendly diet. The more you choose to eat green, raw, and fresh food over processed items, the more you can see positive effects on your health. Particularly lessening the intake of foods high in trans fat, cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium. In this way, it can help you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level, both of which highly contribute to stroke and heart disease. You can try baked chicken instead of having fried chicken, olive oil rather than canola oil, turkey bacon, or tempeh shrimps instead of sausage or bacon. 

  • Stop smoking and restrict your alcohol intake. It is no surprise that smoking can harm your heart. Researchers have shown that smoking both e-cigarettes and cigarettes may almost triple the danger of stroke compared to those who do not smoke. In addition, too much alcohol intake can hurt your health. Therefore, if you look for things that can prevent a stroke from happening, limiting your alcohol intake is also significant to your health. 

  • Enhance your mental health and well-being. Although not stated almost enough, getting the knowledge of proper stress management and having enough sleep (between 7 to 9 hours) can play a huge role in preventing the risk of stroke. The American Stroke Association encourages aging loved ones and their families to adapt to more heart-friendly lifestyles. Also, they want them to practice well-sustained emotional well-being for their senior loved ones. Limiting the stress levels of your aging loved ones can create better sleep and happier lives. 

In Case of Stroke, Act FAST! 

Even though you start making all the needed lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of stroke, your body might have other directions for you. If you or an aging loved one is suffering from symptoms of a stroke, learn to act FAST! 

  • Feeling numb or Face drooping. If you observe that one side of the face feeling numb or face drooping, it can be a signal that a stroke is happening. If you are with your aging loved ones who might be encountering a stroke, tell them to smile to see if their mouth is not even. 

  • Arm weakness/ Paralysis. Strokes can often cause weakness in arm muscles or, even worse, paralysis. If the arms of your loved ones feel numb, you can ask them to raise their arms over their head. If your loved one can no longer do it, it is a warning sign of a stroke. 

  • Speech/ Communication. Usually, bleeding in the brain can affect speech, leading to gibberish or slurred speech that is difficult to comprehend. 

  • Time to call 911. These steps all occur pretty fast, and you must act quickly when you see the tell-tale signs. Time is crucial when it comes to strokes. Make sure you call 911 for help right away! Even though panic may come to you immediately, try to educate the respondents about the first signs that appeared. 

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