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How does your family cook your turkey?

I'm the little girl in the background.. not quite sure what to think of these birds!

My great-aunt and great-uncle (sister and brother, not husband/wife) took charge of the family farm after all their siblings married and moved out of the house. Growing up, I was always at the farm because my grand-father always took me to the farm. One lived in a home on one side of the road and the other in the family home on the property where the farm stood. Once together, the property had been divided many times over as the family aged and development occurred. 

I'm about 4 or 5 in this photo and vividly remember these dang turkeys. Y'all, Turkeys are mean. Especially when they are bred for Thanksgiving Turkeys, as these guys were. They would chase you, peck at your ankles, and well...looking at the photo, they were as big as I was!

To this day, I really don't like Turkey. Give me chicken any day of the week.. or cow.. Turkey, meh. I'll eat it to be polite when I'm at someone's home, but it's not my favorite fowl feathered friend to munch on. 

This year, I'm heading over to a friend's home for Thanksgiving. They have a huge gathering of all their family and since I can't be with mine a lot of times at the holidays, I get to be a part of theirs. This weekend, I was informed the turkey will be air fried. But there will be lots of other foods, so if I don't even take turkey, no one will even notice! 

How do y'all serve your thanksgiving turkey? 

Is it oven-roasted? Deep Fried? Air fried? Another way?

Does a specific member of the family take control of the Turkey?  

Let's hear it in the comments and on our socials! 


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