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Declutter Your Home! 10 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Clutter


All of us are guilty of having a messy home. There is nothing wrong with having a messy home because the mess can be cleaned up. The problem arises when our house becomes cluttered with random tit-bits to the extent that we struggle to carry on daily life chores.

Clutter laying around the house leads to a chaotic situation. Even the useful stuff gets buried, making it hard to find things when you need them. It takes up space that can be utilized in a better manner. Having things lying around can be dangerous as well. It can cause tripping over and getting hurt. 

Although professional organizers are all the hype nowadays, you can do a quick tidy-up yourself! Read the following tips to get rid of the clutter without getting overworked.

Take it one day at a time

You cannot organize your whole pantry or whole wardrobe in one go. You will just get tired and leave everything scattered eventually. Try taking baby steps. Set realistic goals. I chose a couple of shelves of the pantry and organized them. Choose a cupboard and organize that.

Categorize everything

One way to effectively declutter your house is to divide everything into categories and then go from there. Categorize your clothes into coats, shirts, winter and summer wear. It will be easy to manage and organize. You can declutter your house by storing everything in storage units in the UK after categorizing and labeling everything. 

Let go of things that you do not use anymore

We all have some handbags, accessories, coats, and jackets that we don't wear anymore. It doesn't mean you have to throw it out. You can give it to your friends or family or donate it to a shelter. You can also keep it in storage units in Brighton till you decide what to do. The rule is if you haven't used it in the current year, you will not use it ever.

Having a hard time letting go of things?

Well, expert organizer, Marie Kondo gives a great tip. She suggests holding that item close to you and thinking whether or not it brings you joy. So everything you keep hoarding only because it is very beautiful or expensive, maybe it's time to bid them farewell. 

You can sell all the things that you keep on stashing in hopes they will be needed in the future.

This way, you can cash in your trash. Are the gardening tools stashed in the garage? Sell them. The underwater diving equipment you bought on impulse? Sell it. Have lots of baby gear and toys? Pass them on, so someone else benefits from it.

Set a timeline and give yourself challenges

People tend to get bored while decluttering and organizing. Set challenges for yourself, clear your cupboards and room and give yourself rewards as motivation.

If everything gets too overwhelming, it might be time to ask for help

People often find themselves buried deep in the piles of clothes, toys, and random stuff and think of giving up. You can ask for help from your partner or family to sort everything out. A fresh perspective can be helpful while keeping the useful and useless pile balanced.

You can make a checklist at the early stages of decluttering

The checklist can be an effective motivator as seeing the task in writing will emphasize its importance. This tip is for people who tend to procrastinate. You can stick up the checklist on your fridge or somewhere prominent in the house and cross off tasks as you complete them.

Utilize your storage space to a maximum

If your decluttering goal is to get rid of stuff to make space, we advise you read up on space management too. Stash and stack all your stuff so that you utilize your current space. Another option to increase storage space is renting a storage unit and using the incredible London storage facility at an affordable price.

Read up on the benefits of living a minimalist life

Inform yourself of the alarming global warming situation and all the junk we are putting out in the environment. The statistics will compel you to get rid of everything and keep you in check for the future. You will only declutter your house if you get the desire from within.

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