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7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Newborn


Whether you’re an experienced mother or a first-timer, having a baby is one of the most challenging and emotional experiences you’ll ever find yourself in. Once labor and delivery are over, then comes the never-ending congratulations from family and friends. And while this is all in good faith, things can quickly get too overwhelming for new moms like you.

Thus, you’d want to make sure to get everything right. You can do many things to ensure that your baby is as safe and healthy as possible. However, it’s also essential that you remember these seven crazy things you should never do to your newborn.

  1. Letting Anyone Kiss Them

A newborn baby’s angelic smile and chubby cheeks can make any person in the room tempted to kiss them. Despite their good intentions of wanting to shower your baby with love and appreciation, remember never to let anyone kiss your newborn, no matter what. Infants don’t have a strong immune system yet, making them highly vulnerable to germs and bacteria.

For adults, tiny germs transmitted through kissing might only lead to colds. Unfortunately for newborns, even the slightest amount of bacteria can lead to severe infections requiring immediate hospitalization. This is especially true if the adult who kissed your baby has cold sores. The best option would be to politely ask and remind everyone you know not to kiss your baby. But if somebody does so without your knowledge, you can click this link to learn more about what to do next.

  1. Letting Them Sleep On Their Stomach

Some babies would naturally roll on their bellies while sleeping. However, leaving your newborn to sleep on their stomach could put them at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS often occurs during these scenarios because a baby can repeatedly breathe back the carbon dioxide they release as they face against their mattress, pillow, or sleeping mat.

Hence, always watch out for your newborn in case they roll over during their sleep. If your baby doesn’t like sleeping on their back during the first few weeks or months, putting more pillows and blankets may help keep them comfortable and remain in a safe sleeping position.

  1. Leaving Dirty Diapers On For Too Long

Some parents may prefer changing their baby’s diapers only once or twice a day to save money. However, leaving your newborn with a dirty diaper for too long is outright unsanitary. Furthermore, this could also put your baby at risk for diaper rash. As much as possible, change your newborn’s diapers frequently, and don’t wait until it’s heavy or soaked.

  1. Applying Them With Scented Products

Some parents love to cover their newborns with scented soaps and lotions to keep them clean and fragrant. However, showering them with these baby products can potentially come with harmful consequences. Some of these sweet-smelling lotions and shampoos are rich in asbestos and formaldehyde, which are toxic for your baby’s skin and overall health.

So, before buying baby products, make sure to check the ingredients and avoid those with toxic chemicals. Better yet, you can skip those fancy baby products and use essential oils instead to freshen up your baby.

  1. Introducing Them To Pacifiers Too Early

Pacifiers are beneficial, and many mothers would use them to calm their babies down and soothe them from crying. However, breastfeeding moms should be more aware of when they should introduce their newborn to a pacifier. You may want to wait until they have learned to latch correctly first. Keep in mind that a baby won’t suck a pacifier the same way they would your breast. As a result, this may lead to latching issues in the future. It’s best to wait for at least two to three months before you finally give your newborn a pacifier.

  1. Punishing Them

Babies can never manipulate adults. Newborns don’t just cry and act out because they want to rebel against you. Remember that the only way newborns can communicate their needs is through crying. So, if your newborn is bawling endlessly in the middle of the night, avoid punishing them for this behavior. Instead, learn to be patient and find out the cause of their crying. If it seems too much for you, take a break and let your partner deal with the situation.

  1. Co-Sleeping

Many parents co-sleep with their newborns as they believe it helps them sleep faster and more comfortably. However, co-sleeping can come with risks. During your slumber, your baby can accidentally get caught in the sheets, or you may unconsciously roll over and suffocate them. If you wish to sleep near your newborn, you can put them in their crib and place it near your bed.


The first few months of your baby’s life are some of the most critical in their development. The decisions that you make now will affect them for the rest of their lives. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that you do everything in your power to take care of your little one properly. This task requires a great deal of caution and patience, especially if it’s your first time. So, when in doubt, make sure to remember these helpful tips to help prioritize your baby’s overall health and safety.

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