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7 Baby Sleep Mistakes Every New Parent Make

Did you ever experience that your toddler is not getting sound sleep? Well, it’s a worsen and common fact faced by most new parents. And, new parents get anxious about this and unable to decide what they should do actually.

A toddler's health, growth, and brain development depend on balanced foods, rest, activity, and the most important part is sleep.

Is your baby getting proper sleep at night? Honestly speaking, parents do the best for taking care of their babies. But, where they mostly fail is to ensure good sleep at night.

Are You Making These Horrible Baby Sleep Mistakes?
Sound sleep is not less important than food. So, we need to understand what sleep does and what healthy sleep is for toddlers.

If your baby is not getting enough sleep then you are somehow at fault, how?

Let’s go through the 7 baby sleep mistakes you are probably doing!

Irregular Bedtime Routine: 
You may have so many works pending at your desk or kitchen but nothing’s more important than your toddler’s sleep.

There are many parents who don’t maintain a constant regular bedtime for their baby. But, a regular bedtime routine creates a good sleep pattern.

Don't make your toddler sleep at a random time every day for your busy schedule. Along with that, schedule regular health check-ups; for instance, seek out the dentist in Woodbridge for urgent dental care or consultations.

Scary & Dark Bed Room:
Everyone has scary imagination in the night-time darkness. Toddlers also do have the same feeling in the dark rooms. They can experience night-time anxiety if you make them sleep in a very dark room.

Remember, your toddler won't be able to express his fear of darkness but end up getting improper sleep. So, it's you who can take a step to offer him better and sound sleep.

You can get a nightlight for your toddler’s bedroom. Creating a nightlight sleep habit keeps the toddler away from fear, anxiety, and deprivation of sleep at night.

Gladly, Parentloves has got some amazing available options on baby nightlights. You can check out them!

Avoiding Children’s Bedtime and Wake Up Times:
Do you know the natural duration of your baby’s sleep? If you don’t know that, you have to know right now.

Observe the regular sleeping duration of your baby. Some babies are prone to get 10—12 hours of sleep but some need less or more. So, make a schedule of wake up times and bedtime following your baby’s sleep duration.

Keeping The Environment Too Quiet: 
Some new parents keep the things silent as much as they can while their baby is sleeping. But, It’s not a good practice! Why?

It’s better to make him familiar with the sound while sleeping. It will make ease for him to sleep even in the sound.

Remember, if you spend your first 12 weeks tiptoeing all over the house then you are creating fuzz for yourself.

Keep the things normal and make him habitual with the random things happening in the home.

Stopping The Sleep Training If The Baby is Teething:
It’s a normal thing if your baby is always teething. Some new parents get feared of this thing and stop putting their baby into sleep while the babies are teething.

Teething is just nothing but a fussy baby syndrome. Don’t bring any changes in the baby’s sleep while you experience teething in your baby.

Making The Baby Sleep On Your Arms: 
We know there are many parents out there who love to sleep with the baby curled up on the chest or arms. Do you know how dangerous it can be?

According to the American Academy Of Pediatrics, this kind of sleeping behavior is dangerous than co-sleeping in a bed.

Depending On The High-Tech Baby Monitor: 
Smart parents are just one step ahead and love to monitor everything of their babies’ behavior using high-tech devices.

If the baby monitor says your baby has got some sound sleep that doesn’t mean he really experienced a sound sleep.

A smart move is to check out every individual movement of your baby manually!

Final words: 
Sleep is just a vital need for your baby. Making compromises with it can hamper your child’s health and development. However, try to avoid these above-described baby sleep mistakes and ensure better sleep for your baby.

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