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My Favorite Halloween Story

E was 4 the last time he went trick or treating.  He didn't want to go to begin with but it's a right of passage as a kid so we dressed him up and took him around the neighborhood.  He had fun until he didn't and it is by far my funnies moment as a mom.

E went to each house with no fear. He said his Trick or Treats and thank yous for every stop we made. We get to the last house and the man giving candy is in costume and is using a rubber mask on his hand like a puppet. E was so freaked out he chucked his entire candy bucket at him and took off running.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't catch him. By the time I got to him he was waiting 3 houses down with the meanest look on his face. He told me the hand monster scared him and he was never trick or treating again. 

Out of guilt I used to buy him his own candy at Halloween. I think karma came back and bit me because now I have the issues with masks and not because of covid. It creeps me out as to who is behind the mask.

Do you have a funny Halloween story?

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