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My Adventures with Nadine West Subscription Service! #MBPHGG21 #Review


Last month, I shared my first Nadine West subscription service experience with you here on Mommy's Block Party. Since then, I've received two shipments and wanted to update you all on how it's been going! 

I'll be honest- my second shipment was pretty lousy. I was really excited to receive this beautiful pink package, but when I opened it up, my hopes were dashed as I tried on the clothing. Y'all- I admit, I do focus on the negative aspects of my body, but none of these items were helpful at all.

Out of the 9 items received, I only kept 1. I received a nice pink blouse, a burnt orange tank-top, 2 pairs of leggings, one jump suit, a bracelet, and a sweater. Honestly, this shipment missed the boat entirely. From sizing to style, it was not me at all. 

I kept the nice pink blouse but sent everything else back. To return items, take the same packaging your shipment arrived in (so be sure not to cut it up or rip it too much), slap on the return label over the original mailing label, and include the packing list back in it. Then, go drop it in the mail. 

Burgundy Colored Blouse- great for fall! 

My experience with returning items. Nadine West knows when you have mailed items based on when the label is scanned into their system. If you get it mailed by the date requested, it's no problem. If you have a few days of crazy and can't get to the post office, it can be nerve-wracking, hoping that your item made it in their timeline so that you wont be charged. In my case, I did email customer service to verify that the item was scanned in, because it was sent back during a holiday weekend, and that made me nervous! 

I did have an issue with returning items and customer service took care of that right away as well. I sent all but one item back but my account was showing I kept several items. My shipment contained items that didn't correlate to what actually posted in my account- such as a jumpsuit instead of a dress, a pair of jeans instead of leggings, etc. 

I've heard that customer service sometimes takes a while to respond, but in this case, they were right on it. I would definitely keep on top of your account though- especially if sending items back! 

My third shipment was more by style and I was genuinely pleased with the results, slightly skeptical after the mishaps of shipment number 2. I received 6 items: earrings, jeans, 2 lovely blouses, dress, and leggings., In typical fashion, the jeans and the leggings did not fit. Y'all- why do women's clothing sizes vary so much?? It drives me nuts! 

The earrings, unfortunately, were the same exact pair sent in shipment one. So went back the earrings, jeans, and leggings. The dress and blouses were kept this time.

It's only been a week, so I haven't finalized the return process yet, but I hope it goes as smooth as the second time! 

If you are looking for a way to update your wardrobe, but hate in-person (or online) shopping, subscription services are the way to go. It's nice to be able to wonder what surprises are going to be waiting for you in the shipment! I love being able to try the clothing on at home and have a day or two to determine if I like and want to keep the items sent to me. Sometimes I know right away and sometimes I have to think it over for a few hours and send some pics to friends. 

The clothing Nadine West does fit in with the seasons too. The last two shipments definitely contained more "fall" colors and styles, but unfortunately, the weather over here is still so hot that I can't wear a lot, like this long sleeved dress.. until later. 

Nadine West would make a great gift to any loved one this holiday season! Moms, Daughters, friends- do yourself a favor and try it out! Life is hard enough without having to figure out clothing sizes and styling! 

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