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Key Contents of CCIE Certification Training


CCIE, called Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is an Expert-level certification examination launched by Cisco in 1993. Globally recognized as the IT industry’s leading certification, CCIE certification is the top certification in the field of Internetworking in the world.

CCIE certification training’s key points are naturally around the CCIE test content and test form, so let’s first understand what CCIE test.

To obtain CCIE certification, you need to take the following course examinations:

  1. CCIE qualifying examination (written examination, 2.5 hours)

  2. CCIE Lab test (Lab, 8 hours)

Obviously, CCIE examination is mainly divided into written examination and LAB examination, so our training content is mainly around these two parts of the examination program.

For the CCIE written part, the main contents are IE test book, deployment VPN network, advanced routing features, deployment multicast network and son on. For the CCIE Lab part, the main contents are Troubleshooting, DIAG(Diagnose), and Configuration of CFG(Configuration), there are two training stages.

In 2020, after the revision of CCIE exercise, routing and switching directions were upgraded to EI directions. Let’s take the new CCIE EI syllabus as an example:

First of all, the outline includes checking Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture; understanding Cisco switching path; implementing campus LAN connection; establishing redundant switching topology; implementing layer 2 port aggregation; Understanding EIGRP; implementing OSPF; optimizing OSPF; exploring EBGP; implementation of network redundancy; implementation of NAT; introduction of virtualization protocols and technologies; knowledge of virtual private network and interfaces; knowledge of wireless principles; examination of wireless deployment options; knowledge of wireless roaming and location services; examination of wireless AP operations; learn about wireless client authentication, troubleshooting of wireless client connection, the introduction of multicast protocol, the introduction of QoS, implementation of network services, use of network analysis tools, etc. .

The outlines of the new CCIE EI test include: investigating CAM; analyzing Cisco fast-forwarding; solving VLAN and relay problems; adjusting Spanning Tree Protocol and configuring Spanning Tree Protocol; configuring multiple Spanning Tree Protocol; troubleshooting EtherChannel; Configure Cisco IOS embedded event manager (EEM) ; troubleshoot connections and analyze traffic using Ping, Traceroute and debugging; configure and validate Cisco IP SLA; configure standard and extended ACL; configure control plane policy; implement local and server-based AAA; Write and troubleshoot Python scripts; explore JavaScript object symbols (JSON) objects and scripts in Python; use NETCONF via SSH, and use RESTCONF with Cisco IOS XE Software.

Training in other areas is also carried out in accordance with the exam syllabus, SPOTO has the most professional course team, can help you quickly grasp the examination focus and not take detours. More training content can be consulted by course consultants.

Final Bonus Time: CCIE certification course audition of SPOTO is free. Seize it immediately.

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