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Free Courses to Learn About Cryptocurrency


While cryptocurrencies may be taking the world by storm, there is no denying that their practical implementation requires a lot of learning. If you want to earn from the cryptocurrency market, then you must first invest in learning.

Unfortunately, many traders ignore the learning part and want to jump straight to the earning part. It doesn't work that way, and even if it does work once, there is no guarantee it will always work. As a wise trader or investor, you need a firm understanding before you invest in cryptocurrency.

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The internet offers a wide range of learning materials for anyone who wants to learn about Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum. While some of these learning materials come at a cost, others are available for free. However, when choosing a free cryptocurrency course that teaches you how to buy Dogecoin or any other coin in the cryptocurrency market, you must consider some factors.

Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing Free Courses in Cryptocurrency

These courses are free because you will find something in a paid course that you won't find in them. They could also be free because they don't have a certificate upon completion. Regardless of the free course you take before deciding to invest in cryptocurrency; you should note the following:

  • The course content

The course content is the first thing to note when choosing a free cryptocurrency course in Bitcoin or Dogecoin. You have to ensure the content of such a course is in line with your goal of taking it. Usually, users are allowed to preview the course before commencing. Avoid jumping on every free course you come across. Instead, choose a course that suits your level or helps you understand a strategy better.

  • The person or platform providing the course

Another factor to consider when choosing a free cryptocurrency online course is the person or platform offering the course. You have to do a quick and detailed background check to ensure it comes from a professional or trusted platform. This is important because a cryptocurrency course from an expert in digital currencies is needed.

For example, you cannot learn how to buy Dogecoin from someone who has little or no knowledge about the coin. You can also not learn about Bitcoin price or Dogecoin price from someone who is not conversant with changing trends in the market.

  • The duration of the course

Finally, you have to pay attention to the course duration. Many of the free cryptocurrency courses online vary in length. While some can be completed in 1-3 days, others may take up to two weeks. It is best to go for a course you can start and complete within a specific period.

What Are Some Free Online Cryptocurrency Courses You Can Take?

The cryptocurrency market requires a lot of learning to stay at the top of your game. The difference between a successful crypto investor and trader and another who isn't is the quality of information they have. The good news is that there are online cryptocurrency courses you don't have to pay for, and some of them include:

  • Coursera: Cryptocurrency Technology and Bitcoin

Do you want to learn the details of blockchain technology and Bitcoin trading? Then, it would help if you look no further than this course offered by Princeton University. You can access this course via Coursera and learn about cryptography, digital decentralization, Bitcoin, and other altcoins like Dogecoin.

There are video presentations for a better explanation of storing, trading, and mining cryptocurrencies. There is no certificate upon completion of this cryptocurrency course.

  • Udemy - Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

If you're looking for a short and free cryptocurrency course, then you should look no further than this offered by Udemy. In this two-hour video course, you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading. You will also learn different trading strategies and how to make your way around the cryptocurrency market's volatility.

The unique feature of this course is how it simplifies complex blockchain elements, making it possible for beginners to have a firm understanding of it. You can join the over 40,000 students that have started and completed this free course.

  • DeveloperWorks - Blockchain Essentials

It is almost impossible to understand how cryptocurrency works without learning about blockchain technology. Many of the digital currencies in circulation today, like Dogecoin, all operate on the blockchain. In this video course, you will learn the basics of blockchain and what the HyperLedger framework means. It is a course designed by developers in the blockchain division of IBM.

The internet is filled with several materials on digital currencies, and it is becoming increasingly difficult by the day to choose reliable ones. However, if you're taking any of the free courses highlighted above, you are assured you will get quality information. Asides from these courses, you can follow the guide on factors to consider when choosing free online courses to be sure you're going for the best at all times.


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