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First Outings, and All the Fall Feels


Happy Monday, dear MBP readers and friends! It's a beautiful morning here in North Carolina, though a bit muggy, as we're anticipating several days of rain this week. As we near the end of the first week in October (can't believe I'm saying that), we're also nearly ready to celebrate our newest little love's first full month of life with us. 

Setti's first four weeks of life have flown by! It seems in part, as though she's always been here with us, and we truly can't imagine life without her now. We're learning how to live as a family of five, and I must say- it's different. You don't really forget how to live life as the parent of a newborn, but it IS different when we have older kiddos added to the mix. School is our saving grace right now. Having the mornings with just Baby C is wonderful. It's quiet, peaceful, and we're sort of getting into a bit of a routine with feeding and naps- all soon to change, so I won't get too used to anything just yet.

Our weekend was full- we did manage to sleep in a bit on Saturday, did some chores around the house, and enjoyed a visit with my mom and dad. We also took some time to visit the beautiful new park (Bell Tower Green) which just opened in our city's downtown, not too terribly far from where we live.

Sunday was another morning spent at home, and then we visited my husband's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. Taking Baby C out of the house for little bits of time has been great for her, and the change of scenery has been nice for me, too. It's also been great for the kids to have attention from other people. They know my attention is divided, and it's been a bit hard on them to have their mom preoccupied with a new baby at home. Adding in my need to heal from surgery for the first few weeks of our new life together, well- it's been tough on everyone. I'm pleased to say, however, that I'm healing super well. I've been moving around with much more ease, I've gone to the park a couple of times, taken a short walk or two, and have been able to do a few things around the house. I'll be glad after the next two weeks have passed, so I can get back to doing normal things.

Having two of the very best helpers I could ask for at home has been amazing. To see my older two kids love on and bond with their new sister has been the most beautiful thing to see. They are eager to hold her, wipe her mouth, help with diaper changes, and to help out with organizing their school things, and even doing some chores at home. I'm incredibly blessed to have such wonderful children.

Next week, our oldest will turn eleven, and we're really looking forward to celebrating him, and making a big deal out of his birthday- shifting focus from the baby a bit. It'll be our first party outside of the home since before COVID, so we're excited to get out and have some fun with friends in a safe environment.

I'm not sure if we'll make it to an orchard to pick apples or to a patch to pick pumpkins, but we're trying to give our kiddos little tastes of fall, so it feels 'normal' to them, even though it's a very different fall for us this year.

It won't be long before we're decking our halls for the holiday season!

What have you been up to so far this month? I know we're just a few days in, but I'd love to hear what you've done or what you have planned for later in the month.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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  1. You are right. This year has flown by and the holidays are approaching quickly. I love that you have some little helpers for your new adorable addition!


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