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Celebrate National Gumbo Day with Me #RECIPE

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Fall is here! Let's make some gumbo and celebrate National Gumbo Day!

National Gumbo Day is celebrated on October 12. Appreciate the heavily seasoned, savory state dish of Louisiana. It consists of strongly flavored stock with meat or shellfish, roux (a thickener), and seasoned vegetables. The seasoned vegetables may include celery, bell peppers, and onions. In Cajun cuisine, the trio is known as the “holy trinity. Most people serve gumbo over rice.

I have shared a recipe for gumbo below from the Catholic Foodie. Grab a pot or crockpot and join me to celebrate National Gumbo Day!

Do you have a gumbo story? Favorite gumbo recipe? 

Share your favorite recipe with us by sharing a link in the comments.


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