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When Did I Become a "Karen"?

I work in customer service and take pride in the service I give, but I find my level of service is not the norm or maybe just different based on generational changes.  I expect too much, I guess, but I also give too much. It is my largest pet peeve.  

It infuriates me when customer service is not universal. I am a firm believer that at the end of the day your customers pay your paycheck. I had an incident at a store once and was so upset I wrote a letter to their corporate office.  I haven't been back to the store since because their response to my letter was generic and very uncaring. Here is my letter (business name removed for privacy).

To whom it may concern, 
     I wanted to address a situation that happened at xxxxxx in Waterbury Connecticut on Saturday, February 20, 2021 at approximately 6pm.  I was shopping with my sister and two young nieces.  I was approached by a man asking for my opinion on a product at which point an employee approached both myself and the man and informed him to pay for his items and leave the store.  The man was very upset and advised her that he asked her for assistance and she "refused".  I stated I had no qualms in assisting him at which point she told me no and again requested for him to pay for his items and leave the store.  He did immediately but asked the cashier for the number to corporate so he could make a complaint about his treatment.  I felt I would be remiss if I didn't address it as well.
     I was not approached after he left the store to obtain an explanation or an apology for putting me in an awkward or potentially dangerous situation and as a customer and a customer service representative myself, I found this to be upsetting, unprofessional and scary.  I was nervous to leave the store and I was disturbed by the interaction.  I called my husband, who happens to be a police officer and expressed my upset and he immediately contacted the store.  He was informed there is a new half way house in the area and sometimes people come in and use the restroom to partake in drug use or harass the customers.  He was also informed that the representative that this interaction took place with does not work there and there is no one there by that name.  I saw her name badge and had an earlier interaction with her while trying to locate a book for my niece so this was a blatant misrepresentation to a police officer.
    I can understand that there may be interactions with people that may be up to no good, but she judged this man based on his assumed past and to he honest it is an unknown assumption as his question for assistance was not untoward or menacing.  I do not know this man or the situation behind that but her demeanor towards him and myself was not professional.   She made me feel threatened and scared in a place that I love.  I choose to shop xxxxx because brick and mortar stores are slowing becoming obsolete and I would hate to lose one of the last book stores in our area.  This experience does not encourage my patronage. I wanted to have this situation documented as I believe this is not a way that xxxx wants their customers treated.

What do you think about customer service today? Am I a "Karen" by voicing my opinion. 


  1. I am a former shopping mall marketing director. One of my duties was to oversee customer service. I think that you are a great example of service, and you did the right thing.

  2. I heard a horror story that involved "that famous ice cream shop" Last Sunday from a friend of mine and her daughter, daughter's bff and a very hateful, racist manager. Apparently her lousy behavior seems to be a trend according to other people. I think you did the right thing.


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