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Smile Bright and Better with Oclean #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21 #REVIEW


Many thanks to Oclean for providing these oral care products in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Do you, or your children, struggle to keep a proper oral care routine? Something that should be ingrained in us since we are kids seems so difficult to keep up with! I must admit, as an adult, I've avoided the dentist way longer than I should have, resulting in crowns, cavities, and general woes (both from having to revisit the dentist and watching the $$ disappear from my wallet). 

Recently, my dentist and I discussed some of my woes. My ultra sensitive gag reflux aided with horrible morning acid reflux (especially on those mornings I wake up super early or nervous, or whatever the case may be), leads to the inability to properly brush and floss. Combined with lack of seeing a dentist until, well, it was beyond needed, I discovered some gum issues that had to be rectified. 

Suggesting a water flosser along with an electric toothbrush, my dental hygienist is sure that this will make a difference in my lifestyle. I've never owned an electric toothbrush so this is an entirely new world to me.

Oclean aims to help people smile brighter and better with their innovative technology and products! When we feel confident about our smiles (and our faces), we can open up a world of possibilities without even realizing it. 

Recently, someone in my life told me that they loved my smile, but that I don't do it enough. I realized that after years of distorted teeth, braces, and now the effects of tooth grinding, I don't like to smile as I often feel like I'm grimacing rather than smiling. Whether lingering embarrassment from the early years of life or just not realizing it, I have realized that smiles go a long way to help people feel comfortable and make you seem friendlier! 

Oclean sent me two great products to try out so that I can be more comfortable to show off that award winning smile others say I have. 

The Oclean W10 Electric Water Flosser is the latest and greatest product available to us. This water flosser currently is available in green and pink. The W10 features a 30 day battery charge, 200 ml capacity water tank with snap top, a rubber strap, and a removeable base. 4 nozzles and a charging cable (usb) arrive in the box with the flosser! 

Why use a water flosser? Well, besides being more economically sustainable (ie- not throwing away picks or strings), it helps the consumer reach places your hands might not be able to go. Another part of my difficulty is getting regular floss to those hard to reach locations. Using the flosser, I can reach those places easier.

I must admit, it took a couple of days to get used to this instrument, especially with my gag reflex. The W10 does have 4 different modes: standard, intensive, gentle, and pulsating. Holding the on button ejects a stream of water that attacks your gums and teeth based on your sensitivity level along with the particular type of nozzle used. 

Nozzles include: standard, periodontal pocket, orthodontics, and tongue scraping. Most of my difficulty lies in the periodontal pockets, so I've been focusing on those areas for the time being. Soon I'll make the switch to the standard nozzle for every day cleaning. 

The W10, while easy to use, does take some figuring out to get the stream of water directed to where you need it to go. The first couple of times, I pressed the button too soon and a stream of water went up my mirror! Definitely wait until you are positioned before pressing the "on" button. 

Otherwise, this device works great! Why use a water flosser device? Well, for those of us with crowns, with any type of dental work, and even braces, the steady stream of water flow helps flush out plague, leftover foods, and decay. It's not perfect and doesn't get everything, but for folks like me, who struggle with regular floss, it's better than nothing. (Trust me- having just gone through peridontal cleaning at the dentist, I'd definitely rather use this gadget instead!). 

Why Oclean? I love how this particular device has different features depending on how you may need to floss. The sensitive feature is great when my acid reflux is kicking up but I still need to take care of my teeth. The standard feature does send a steady stream that I have to be ready for, but I can tell its doing its job! 

I also like how the base is removeable for easy cleaning. Remove the bottom, rinse, wipe dry, and store upright! Remove the detachable nozzle to rinse and dry as well. Don't submerge the entire product and don't use any type of solutions in it. 

Now, for Oclean's newest toothbrush: 

The Oclean Flow Sonic Electric Toothbrush features a 180 days of standby battery life, 5 brushing modes, 2 minute timer with 30 second reminders, a water proof body, and USB-C charging. My toothbrush arrived with one brush-head that snaps into place really easily!

What do I love about this toothbrush? Now, remember, I've never used an electric toothbrush before. The Sonic pulse definitely is different than manual brushing, so it took a couple of days to get used to that. I love how fresh and clean my teeth feel after using this brush! With the morning and night modes, I find my teeth get what they need. There is also a gentle mode for sensitivity that might come in handy if I'm having some issues. 

Sometimes, I don't think we brush long enough, so I love that there is a timer to tell me how long I need to focus on each area of my mouth. The brush vibrates when it's time to move on and will shut off automatically at the 2 minute mark. 

The brush stands up well so that it can air dry and doesn't touch your counters. The only downfall I'd say is that this brush (probably like most) don't come with any type of storage solution, so finding an electric holder is going to be a must before my next travel trip. 

The Oclean Flow Toothbrush is perfect for those students who struggle to keep routines- whether at home or away at school. With its long lasting charging power, it makes it even easier to keep track of your oral health, because no excuses of forgetting to charge it when you are trying to make that mad dash out the door every morning. 

For those who travel, this also makes the perfect choice because its compact, small, and does a great job at getting your teeth cleaned.. and keeping the plague down! 

If you are looking for innovative new ways to take care of your oral health, Oclean definitely has you covered. I think the features on this Flow toothbrush and W10 Flosser are going to become my favorites as I continue to figure out what my teeth need to make my smile brighter and healthier!

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