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Slow Down With a Plum Deluxe Cuppa #MBPFALL21 #REVIEW

Thank you to Plum Deluxe for sending these amazing teas in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Way back in 2006, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a year living in England. The British (and Irish, Scottish) love their tea and will take tea breaks, must like how we Americans will go out for coffee with our friends. While not as formal and traditional as the Queen, my colleagues and I would come in mid-afternoon for a short time to enjoy a good cuppa. 

A cuppa is a good strong cup of tea. For us, as we were on the clock, it meant that the electric kettle brewed quickly, filling our mugs and tea bags with hot water. Some choose cream and sugar, some choose plain.. but no matter how you take it, it's still a good cuppa. That was also the year I was introduced to loose leaf tea. While we didn't have it at work because of time purposes, a good brewed cup with loose leaf tea is an excellent way to pass the time.

This fall, you can enjoy a great cuppa in your own home. After the kids are in bed, after the animals have been fed, after all of the household chores are completed, put on the kettle and prepare to brew yourself your favorite blend. After your tea has been brewed, wander to your porch/deck/patio/front door and feel that nice fresh cool air wash over you. A good cuppa brings you a great sense of relief and renewal! 

Plum Deluxe has all sorts of flavors, blends, and ingredients to promote self care and community. Whether it's bringing your friends together, or taking a moment to unwind at the end of the tea, Plum Deluxe has a tea for you. If you are a morning tea drinker (sorry, all my UK friends- I still like my morning coffee), then brewing up one of these great blends will get your day started off great! 

Using fresh ingredients from around the world, this Portland, Oregon small family business, puts the Pacific Northwest touch into their blends. They pour lots of love and gratitude into their business and teas, and thus have a great relationship with all of their customers! 

Plum Deluxe sent me several teas to try out. I'm mostly a black tea drinker and honestly, have trouble breaking out of that mold. I've tried several variations and just don't like them. 

I was sent several black teas: 
  • Highlands Breakfast Tea: English Breakfast with orange and heather 
  • Royal Assam Black Tea: rich royal malty flavor

I really love this flavor! 
  • Fog Cutter Black Tea: Irish Breakfast with lemon 
  • Be Well Blend Black Tea: the touch of elderberry and orange will help focus and self care this month! Delightful Morning Black Tea: Earl Gray Lavender 
A Fall Seasonal, Available September- February! 

I also received one of their fall seasonal blends: Pumpkin Spice. This black and honeybush tea can be a standalone tea or used to make a latte. Current seasonal teas are available through February! 

Finally, I was sent a surprise- a small sample of Black Housewarming tea! I thought this was extra special touch too! 

Plum Deluxe also has a variety of tea accompaniments and I was able to try the Deluxe Tea Sugar, which is like rock sugar for tea! I've never experienced this and it was something completely different. Honestly, I prefer honey in my tea, but this seemed like a special treat in lieu of traditional sugar cubes.

Finally, Plum Deluxe sent me a beautiful heart-shaped tea infuser, because every tea lover needs an infuser to make their tea! Infusers come in a few styles: the mesh containers that go directly in a mug, the pour overs that sit on top of a mug/ pot, and even tea bags. 

To enjoy your cuppa, Plum Deluxe suggests that you brew your tea for 3-5 minutes before drinking. This gives time for the tea to settle and for flavors to emerge! But you don't want your tea in for too long, otherwise it becomes a muddled mess of flavors. 

Not only does Plum Deluxe offer teas and accompanying items for purchase (including tins, teapots, and mugs); this self care month also promotes anti-stress methods, like coloring, music, and meditations. 

I absolutely recommend Plum Deluxe for your tea needs. Their blends are amazing and taste so nice! I can definitely tell they love their customers, their business, and can feel their love of tea just through the package! 

Whether you need to restock your own tea collection or are looking for the perfect gift for your tea-loving friend, Plum Deluxe definitely has what you need! Not only do they provide a great selection of loose leaf teas, they have awesome ways to connect with the great community, including a podcast! Sit down, enjoy a great cuppa, and find some "you-time" with Plum Deluxe loose leaf teas! 

 Want it? Get it!

Join the Tea of the Month Club for great seasonal tea delivered directly to your door. 
For $10/month, one tea plus a sample will be sent, or for $15/ month, one seasonal tea + one surprise blend (and a sample) will be sent! This would make a super fabulous gift for that tea-lover!

Tea of the month not for you? Never fear, because Plum Deluxe has all sorts of flavors, seasonal items, and blends for you to shop and choose from. 

Each package is $7.00 and makes about 15-20 cups using one teaspoon of tea. These freshly made blends will definitely make the tea-lover in your home happy!

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Do you like hot brewed tea? Or are you a iced-tea kind of soul? 

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