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Fashionable Fall with Nadine West #MBPFALL21 #REVIEW


Many thanks to Nadine West for sending my first shipment in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

One rainy Friday afternoon in late August, I decided to purge my wardrobe of all those items I think I will wear but never actually do. After all, if it's sat more than a year in my closet but I haven't worn it, why am I keeping it? I also have a tendency to keep clothing until it's well worn out, whether it's faded, stretched, shrunk, or develops holes, so every once in a while I have to purge items! 

Of course, there are special occasion dresses, ski wear, and things for when it's sub par zero (which happens like, twice a year, in Wilmington), that I do keep around... but those everyday items that I no longer like, no longer fit, etc.. those can definitely go!

After purging my closet thinned out my wardrobe considerably and as we head into fall, I have a desire for some new useable but classic items. Yet, I absolutely hate clothing shopping. I hate browsing stores (they actually give me headaches!), I hate trying on clothing, I hate trying to piece outfits together.. the whole works. 

Nadine West is absolutely wonderful because their stylists do all the work! Subscription services are becoming more of the norm as brick and mortar stores are still limited in offerings of dressing rooms, inventory, and stock. I know a few friends that have loads of trouble finding what they desire. 

I've tried other subscription services but so far Nadine West seems simple and basic enough for all customers to figure out! 

Light and airy dress.. with pockets, some I always need and love!

After creating an account, the user is prompted to fill out a quick and simple profile. This survey questions your styling tastes, how often you would like to receive shipments, what type of items you need, accessories, colors, sizes, budget, and even a notes section. 

In my notes section, I let my stylist know that even though we are headed into Fall, it still stays pretty warm on coastal NC and that I was looking to branch out of my normal color palate. I decided to choose shipments every 4 weeks instead of the 2 week period recommended.

A wonderfully packaged shipment of goodies arrived directly to my door (well, our complex package center) with instructions on how to move forward. Typically, 4-6 items arrive in the package. 

After trying on all the items, customers can decide to keep or return all or some of the items in the package.

A basic two pocket cardigan goes well with a lot of outfits!

 The same package envelope can be reused to ship items back, so no rooting around for a spare envelope or box. The items arrive with a packing slip and on the slip is the date indicated to return items that are not desired. 

Each shipment costs $9.78. If any items are kept, this cost is applied towards the cost of your items. If everything is returned, typically the customer loses out on the shipping fee. 

If the customer decides that Nadine West isn't for you, and you need to cancel or postpone your shipments, then just email customer service. I found customer service to be very prompt and caring! Not like most, where it seems to take forever to get a response!

My shipment contained: a lovely dress, a cardigan, a tank top, a pair of joggers/ lounge pants, a beautiful necklace and earrings. 

I was slightly disappointed that all of the items were various shades of green, but I'm often told I wear this color well, so I decided to keep all the items as they fit well and work well with other items in my wardrobe. 

Most of these items were in a range I would comfortably spend on clothing related to it. All items were between $20 and $40. I don't typically spend money on jewelry- honestly, outside of earrings, I don't wear much- so that might be a waste. I could probably request none to be sent if I really desired too. 

It's still too warm to wear these joggers, even around the house, but they are super comfortable!

Also, after each shipment, a feedback form is available on your purchase slip. Feedback is highly important to Nadine West. Their stylists will use this to determine what should be in your next shipment- so make sure you are honest! 

I have another shipment arriving this week and I hope it's just as fabulous as the first! After this one, I will probably put my subscription on hold for a while.. I don't buy clothing that often and do have a tight budget. I'm thankful that Nadine West allows us to do this!

If you are needing to update your fall wardrobe and hate shopping yourself, I highly recommend Nadine West! For me, the fact that their stylists check out your recommendations and throw in their own thoughts is something I actually like. 

However, if you like control of your patterns and colors, then Nadine West might not be for you. You never know what's going to arrive in the shipment. Sometimes the items can create a complete outfit and sometimes they are meant to be mixed together with things that could already exist in your closet. 

This fall, do yourself a fashion favor and try out Nadine West! 

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  1. I have never tried one myself. But I have seen some super cute things some have gotten from Nadine West.


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