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Banish Irksome Arm Cellulite With QWO Therapy!


Hate those uneven marks on your arm? Can’t wear your favorite sleeveless dresses because of them? That’s cellulite, and it’s pretty common. About 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men suffer from this condition. Chances of its occurrence increase with age. 

Cellulite occurs on the skin when the fat cells get surfaced to the upper layer of the skin. The condition looks like bumps or dimples. And it most frequently affects areas like arms, buttocks, and thighs.  

One can get rid of skin cellulite by trying fat loss and working out. But today, thanks to revolutionary treatment options like QWO, getting rid of cellulite doesn’t even require you to hit the gym. QWO is an injectable compound that is FDA approved and can effectively treat skin cellulite. Before looking into its benefits and how it helps, let us first look at what QWO is.

What is QWO?

QWO consists of enzymes that break down and dissolve the proteins responsible for cellulitis. The enzyme is called Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum, which breaks down the collagen responsible for cellulite formation. 

Once the QWO is injected into the target area, the skin is bound to develop scars that remain for some time but go away gradually. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there is no numbing agent used as anesthesia. 

The entire procedure is carried out in the form of 3 treatments given every 21 days. With each consecutive treatment, the scars visible on the skin are lesser. The entire treatment takes around 3 months or 78 to 90 days.  Let us now look at the benefits of QWO treatment.

Long-lasting results

QWO is proven to give long-lasting and sustainable results. Also, since there is no surgery involved, there are fewer side effects after the procedure. The results are natural. And they start showing as early as a week after the treatment.

Helps contour your body

QWO tones the skin and helps contour your body better. Your skin looks more young and wrinkle-free too. This way, QWO helps you regain your skin’s beauty in just a short time. 

It is a safe process

QWO injection is a safe and non-surgical procedure. In fact, it only occurs due to blood clotting in the upper layer of the skin. In this, the enzyme is simply injected into the skin, and it does the further work of breaking down the fat that forms cellulite. There might be some scarring, but that would go away with time. With consecutive treatment sessions, this clotting issue resolved gradually. Also, you won’t need any type of anesthesia as the QWO process is minimally invasive and, hence, not painful.

It can be repeated

QWO can be repeated multiple times for optimum results. While most patients will see results within a few weeks, there might be some who might want to repeat the process just to get their cellulite wholly removed. But there are no risks to getting this procedure, again and again, so you can have it repeated by an expert whenever you want.

QWO Has Fewer Side Effects

QWO has a few side effects, but they are nothing compared to plastic surgery. As mentioned before, due to the blood clotting, you might see some scars and spots on the skin. But that goes away gradually and minimizes in the subsequent treatments. And if you give rest to your body right after the procedure, you’ll also avoid the risks of developing any complicated side effects.


Since the procedure takes less time and effort to perform, the cost of the QWO treatment is less compared to regular plastic surgery. It can be anywhere from $3000 to $5000, depending on the part of the body being treated and the severity of the cellulite dimples. 


Thus, these were the six benefits of QWO cellulite treatment and the reasons why you should opt to get rid of your arm cellulite. So book your QWO treatment appointment right away and start prepping those strappy dresses for summer.

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