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5 Essential Items New Mommies Must Carry

 Motherhood is a beautiful stage in the life of any woman. It is indeed a beautiful feeling accompanied by great responsibility. The first few days with your new baby can be exhausting for new mothers. Every mother wants to care for her child in the best way possible.  When you step into motherhood, people tell you countless things to buy for your baby, which can be quite overwhelming. Here are some items that new mothers must never forget to carry.


Well, diapers are the top priority item in this list. A newborn baby might require several boxes of diapers and you are tempted to buy those boxes in bulk. However, you don’t need to carry all of them around with you everywhere you go. Whenever you’re going out with your baby, just keep a packet of diapers in your carry bag and you are good to go. Depending on the time duration you and your baby are going to be out you can pick another one for backup.

Baby Wipes

You can never have enough baby wipes. Your carry bag must have at least two packets of disposable wipes if you want to save yourself from the yucky diaper mess. You can keep both wet as well as wipes so that you can deal with any situation. Baby wipes help you keep your baby clean from things such as spit-up. If you have wipes, you don’t need to keep separate burp clothes or cleaning clothes for your baby. They have great functionality and are extremely versatile.

First aid creams

Having a first aid kit for your newborn is very important. No mother can see their child get hurt even if it’s just a scratch. With newborn babies, it is all the more important to keep some kind of a first cream that is preferably organic. You should know that manuka honey ointment is a great organic and natural healing cream for your baby. As baby’s do not have control over the usage of their hands they tend to scratch themselves here and there. So, a healing cream would be an essential item to carry. 

Milk Storage Containers

If you’re a new mother and have chosen to breastfeed your newborn, you are sure to encounter breastfeeding problems. The most common issue faced by most moms is leaking. Your baby may not be ready to drink but your breasts can only hold so much, hence the leakage. There could be other issues causing the leakage too. However, the remedy to this malady is to carry milk containers with you all the time. Milk storage containers can be extremely useful as you can store the milk for your baby when it needs it. 

Extra Clothes for your Baby

Newborns tend to make a mess, you can be as careful as you want and they might just throw up unexpectedly without giving you any time to respond. In that case, you must a pair of extra clothes for your baby. Carrying an extra blanket will also come in handy for swaddling your little one.

Your baby is your top priority and taking good care of it is the most essential thing a mother wants to do.  Life can be super tough and super tiring for a new mommy but with all these essential items in your bag, you’ll not need anything else. 

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