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Sleep Better with Cushion Lab Pillows #AD #REVIEW


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Confession time. I’ve often struggled to achieve quality sleep. Even as a child, nap time and bed time were obstacles. I wasn’t the child that you couldn’t get into bed.. I just couldn’t fall asleep. I’d rather read with the flashlight under the covers, I’d count sheep, I’d even count the lines in the paneling on the wall. Yet, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Fast forward to adult years, and honestly not much has changed. Noises, Light, Bathroom Needs, thirst.. something is always keeping me from quality sleep! Also, Sleep Apnea runs in my family so I’m trying to head that off as much as possible.

For those not aware, Sleep Apnea is when basically, the body’s airways are blocked due to restricted airflow. There is no one definitive reason why sleep apnea occurs, other than the airway is restricted. It results in lack of breath, which then causes the sleeper to snore and/ or wake up gasping for breath. Sleep Apnea folks usually experience this when sleeping on their backs.

For me, I’ve never been much of a back sleeper. I’ve always found it uncomfortable. I’m a definitive side sleeper or stomach sleeper, but HAVE to make sure I have quality pillows and bedding!

I love Cushion Lab products because they are meant to help us live better, sleep better, and move better. From hyperfoam to contoured designs, each piece helps the body relax and relieve pressure so that our muscles can worker harder and be stronger! 

The adjustable shredded foam pillow is amazing for side sleepers. The removeable filler allows the sleeper to achieve the quality firmness/ softness to support neck curvature, to support the back, and to support the arm.

I think this is a great selection for side sleepers who need good support! It provides great shoulder support too.. I’m one of those people that often sleeps with my arm under my pillow, and sometimes wake up with my hand tingling because of odd positions. For those who love to sleep with two or more pillows, this pillow will up your sleeping game because of it’s height!

For sleep apnea ridden folks, this pillow will support your airways and give you some height so that your breathing is easier and better. Plus- it will help you stay cool with its bamboo.. and it's washable cover is a definite plus for those with allergies! 

If sleep apnea isn't a concern of yours, but proper spinal alignment is, then check out a pillow specifically designed to support the contours of your neck. It's a must for side sleepers who might find themselves waking up with a "crick in their neck" from improper alignment. 

Outdated pillows are often the cause of those pains, so take care of that right away with Cushion Lab's cooling neck support contour pillow. Not only will your neck pain diminish from the pillow's side bolsters and contours, the pillow relives shoulder pressure as well! Great for both side and back sleepers, this is a definite you will need to sleep better! 

As we head back to school, into the fall, and into new routines.. now is the perfect time to upgrade your bedding. While you are at it, grab yourself a calm weighted blanket and fall away into dreamland! 

Having deep and quality sleep will certainly enhance our ability to function as we figure out the crazy of starting new adventures this school year! These are the best pillows to help you achieve that quality sleep that you have been dreaming about during the day! 

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Cushion Lab to grab one of these amazing pillows or blankets and start your journey towards better deeper sleep! 

Follow Cushion Lab on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about how they can help you sleep better and feel better this school year! 

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