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Refurbish an Old Building to Create your Cannabis Empire


Building a cannabis empire is something that takes time and commitment. While it would be nice to get it all done overnight, you need to be prepared to put in some sweat and work as well.

One of the first steps is to find the location you would like to use to start creating your own cannabis empire. Here are ARCH7’s 5 tips to turn used building into cannabis empire today.


1.      Evaluate the Structure


Not all old buildings are going to be a good fit for your cannabis empire. You need to take a look inside and see how it will work. Some of the things to look for include:


The structural condition. If the structure of the building needs repairs, it can be time-consuming and costly. Do you have the time and money to handle this?

The height of the ceiling: You need at least 10 feet in the ceiling, though 14 or higher is best.

The materials: You do not want old materials that may contain asbestos in the property or it will affect your product and could make you sick.

The electricity: Is the electricity up to date? Will you be able to turn it on or does it need a good deal of work?

Utilities: Check that you can get water into the building and that the sewer and other sanitary features will work.


2.      Site Accessibility


This one is all about whether the site is going to work for your customers. Is the building in a place that has plenty of parking and is easy for your customers to find? If the building is almost impossible for others to find, you may not get the foot traffic that you want. You should also check the drainage and grading impact here as well. You do not want all the water pooling right in front of your door and causing issues.


3.      Does the Schematics Work?


Think about how you would like to set up shop. Is the setup the way that would work for you, or could you make some simple changes that will turn it into the perfect location. Each building is a little bit different and you may need to be creative to make it work. If it doesn’t work for your needs though, it may be time to try somewhere else.


4.      Understand the Zoning Rules


While most jurisdictions are still trying to figure out how to regulate cannabis cultivation and sales, you may run into some jurisdictions that already have rules. Check that the building adheres to these rules and is in a location where you can do the work without getting in trouble with the law. Just because it is legal in that area does not mean you can do it in that building, for example.


5.      Think About Potential Security Upgrades


You will likely need to add a few security upgrades to the mix to help keep the product safe. The building will not have these, but is it easy to add things like fencing and extra alarms and protection at the doors? If not, you may need another building to work with.


Your cannabis empire is going to be amazing, but first you need to find the right building to help make it possible. Purchasing an older building is one of the best ways to ensure that you can keep costs down, but you must use precautions to help pick the right one for your new business. 

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