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5 Effective Ways to Get Your Kids to Study at Home


As adults, we have come to understand how important education is, some of us may even miss being a student. But kids don’t always see this, so they sometimes exhibit a lack of appreciation for studying, especially at home. 

In order to help you in getting your child to study at home, here are some effective tips that you can try:

  1. Implement a study schedule and be there 

One effective way to make studying a habit is to actually allot a schedule for it. Making it a part of your child’s daily routine helps your child grow knowing that it is an essential part of his everyday life.

And to make it even more effective, it is best to be there at that time. One great way to motivate your child to study is being present for your child when it’s time to study. Kids would appreciate your presence, as well as the guidance that you can provide should there be challenges your child would come across while studying. Treat study time as a sort of a bonding time as well so that your child would grow to have a positive attachment to studying. 

However, with modern family arrangements usually having both parents at work, it’s not always easy to be there for study time. There are some great Singapore tuition centers that can help you with that.

  1. Highlight the real essence of learning

One of the things that put children down when it comes to studying is that they would sometimes experience failure in the form of low test scores. Your child would definitely feel bad at times like this, making the idea of studying a bit of a negative experience. 

As a parent or a guardian, your role is to help your child understand that it’s not about the scores. It’s about learning, and sometimes, that means learning from mistakes. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your child should be complacent. What you should do is to you’re your child understand that while there may be bumps along the way, the key is to stand up again and aim to do better moving forward. 

  1. Foster a conducive environment for studying at home

As much as adults appreciate a conducive working environment, your child will similarly appreciate having a dedicated room or even just a dedicated desk in his room for studying. Away from distractions and equipped with the things he need, this study space can keep him focused and productive. 

  1. Learn your child’s learning style and work around it

What some parents overlook is that each child has a unique learning style. So what may have worked for you back in the day, might not work on your child. And on that note, traditional studying techniques don’t work on all children.

It’s your task to understand your child’s learning style and create a study plan based on it. For best results, tutors, especially those from Singapore tuition centers, would have the expertise in assessing learning styles, and match their teaching programs to it.

  1. Come up with learning goals and reward your child for achieving them

It’s a good idea to work with your child in setting goals or milestones related to studying such as being able to finish a book, or consistently finishing homework within an agreed time. For best results, your child should play an active role in making these goals so that he will learn the value of commitments. 

Then, reward your child as he reaches these milestones. This makes studying a rewarding experience, and your child would always be excited to do the tasks related to his studies. It’s a fun way to make your child appreciate studying.

Kids won’t always see studying at home as fun as playing games or watching the television. But parents have the power to make studying a little more interesting. Try these effective ways to get your kids to study at home and one day, your kids will thank you for them.

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