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The weather is supposed to be rainy all weekend and after a long week, I am staying home to recharge my batteries. Sound like a great time to me and my current obsession is reading books by B.A. Paris and her new one just came out. I surely did pick it up the day it came out. If you have never read one of her books, go get one. You will not be disappointed. 

I started with Behind Closed Doors and have to admit that book had me so engrossed that I was yelling at the characters in the book.  It was Ms. Paris's first book and oh my goodness what a read. It was emotional, thought provoking,  and made me cheer all at the same time. So, I went out that weekend and bought every book she wrote. I have loved everyone and shared her books with my sisters as well. They both loved the books.

What author makes you buy all their books?

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