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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Our 4 Favorite Drive-Thru Copycat Recipes

 Happy Saturday, friends. We're getting ready to go grocery shopping at some point over the weekend and that means first, we have to do some meal planning. I am hoping to include a few favorite "copycat" dinners in the mix and thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite copycat recipes with you all. 

1. I love chicken sandwiches and so far Chick-fil-a has been the one to beat, at least when it comes to fast food joints. We don't have one in our town, so this copycat recipe makes my heart (and my stomach) happy. 

2. Speaking of fast food places that aren't close by...White Castle. They have these amazing sliders and even though you can sometimes pick them up in the freezer section, if I can't have it from the restaurant itself, I'm using this recipe . 

3. The girls are all about chicken nuggets when we get fast food. The overall favorites seem to be from Wendy's. We generally just get our favorite frozen nuggets when we want to have nuggets at home, but this copycat recipe is great.

4. Of course, if we talk about Wendy's,  we have to talk FROSTIES. I know, it's not a meal, but I had to share our all-time favorite copycat recipe! This frosty copycat recipe is the reason I even believe that copycat recipes are worth a try. 

Have you ever tried any copycat recipes for your drive-thru favorites? I hope you’ll give some of these a try! 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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