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Time to Get Away (Again)


Early Friday morning- the rest of the house is sleeping. The pitter-patter of the falling rain repeats in a comforting rhythm. For just a moment, my cares float away and I'm left in a state of relaxation. Ah, peace. So needed, so soothing, so good for my weary soul. At this current moment in time, there are so many transitions taking place in my life. The thought of there being so many at once has completely overwhelmed me, making it difficult to rest. Soon, there will be feet racing down the staircase in this old house, trying to reach the living room first to claim the television for the first hour of the day. I'll be jolted out of my peaceful state by two squabbling children, and the faint snores of their father. Back to reality.

We'll spend the next two days preparing for a week at the beach. It will undoubtedly take that length of time for me to finish up laundry, organize items that need to be packed, and then do some light cleaning before we leave for our trip. I cannot stand to come home to a messy house after vacation- can you? I'll quickly find myself overwhelmed again... agonizing over what to pack (pregnancy in the summertime is just yuck!), and wishing to just stay home. I'll think only of lugging beach equipment in the heat each day and setting up camp for a few hours. How awful that sounds at seven months pregnant. I'll focus on how I'll feel, sitting like a beached whale in a low beach chair that I can barely get out of, instead of focusing on the real reason for our time away.

This will be our last trip (anywhere) as a family of four. The thought of it has tortured me for months. Life will soon be so very different, and I know I will mourn the loss of the family of four dynamic. In many ways, I am doing that already. I did the same when we transitioned from a family of three to a family of four, and I was right in my thinking that there would be so much that I would miss. We've experienced much joy, however, as a family of four, and I know there's much more joy to come our way as a family of five. 

My hope is to be able to enjoy this time together. To truly make the most of it. To smile, to laugh, to play, to love out loud. I want this last hoorah to be amazing for my kids. I want for them to make memories they'll hold onto as they make room in their hearts for their new baby sister's arrival. I hope not to worry over the little things, not to let my anxiety or fears take over my emotions, and to just relax and enjoy this time together. 

We love going to the beach and are blessed to be able to do so. A week in one of our favorite places should be a very happy time for us. I'm looking forward to early mornings on the porch, sipping coffee in a rocking chair. I'm looking forward to seeing the kids splash and play in the ocean and in the tide pools, my youngest trying her best to catch the minnows as they race past her feet. I even look forward to the inevitable pestering of my kids to be taken out for ice cream and mini-golf, as is tradition on any family beach trip. I'll look forward to doing 'all the things' we normally do because it'll be so very 'normal.' 

Ah, and now I hear them... they're up and ready to start their day, much earlier than I'd hoped. That's how it usually goes. As we go about our day, I'll do my best to remember and hold onto the reason for the impending chaos the next few days will bring. I'll listen for the quiet 'Peace. Be still,' and give God thanks and praise through the rain.

Are you facing changes and transitions in your life right now? How do you combat the feelings of loss and/or sadness?

Wishing you peace today and always,

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