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Show Some Skin This Summer In Sexy Silhouettes


Summer is here. It is short and hot and is not going to wait for you. Do not waste another season not wearing all the incredible tops and dresses in your closet.  Summer is a season of bras that are itchy, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  The season is the time to welcome a new guest to the party, boob tape. Boob tape can take your wardrobe to a whole new level of sexy by allowing you to go braless and rock all the skin-baring pieces you have been dying to wear. If we piqued your interest, keep reading about why boob tape should be your new summer staple and one of the brands helping bring the sexy back in summer.

Boob Tape, Not Just For Special Events

Most women have heard of boob tape. If you have watched any red carpet events or gone to any weddings or proms in the past few years, then you may be well acquainted with the dozens of products available from online retailers.  Many women have not considered using boob tape more often in everyday wear. In the fall and winter, it may never cross your mind.  In sweaters and cozy sweatshirts, there is no need.  The summer shows up, and now we have all the strappy tanks, back baring dresses, and plunging necklines that need a bit more thought on how to keep the girls looking perky and in place. Enter boob tape. There are brands out there that are comfortable, easy to use, and incredibly supportive.  They take boob tape from a tool for special events to an everyday staple. One of the best out there is BoobHold.

Application Options for Any Outfit

There are endless ways to apply boob tape.  All these application options are a huge selling point.  Adding it to your summer staple wardrobe kit can be a summer slam dunk.  There are videos available online through retailers detailing the application process.  Individuals also post on YouTube and Instagram with their tips and trips for applying the tape for any style of top or dress imaginable.  Application is straightforward, but practice will make perfect.  After practicing a few test runs, you will feel like an expert.  The right product will make a big difference in the ease of application, wearability, and comfort. On this front, BoobHold has you covered.  Their products are:

  • Easy to apply and painless to remove.

  • Hypoallergenic and 100% latex-free

  • Gentle on skin.

  • Lightweight, but offer maximum all-day hold.

 The ability of boob tape to provide support, comfort, and flexibility of configuration makes it the perfect companion to all the sexy silhouettes of tops and dresses that are hanging in your closet, just waiting to wear.  BoobHold offers their tape in black and four different shades of skin tone. It comes in a 16-foot roll. Having a roll of customizable tape allows you to cut pieces of any size. No boob size is too small or too large for their boob tape.

Summer Sweat, Sultry Looks, and Boob Tape

Boob tape as an alternative to traditional bras in the summer saves your boobs from sitting in the dreaded boob sweat that inevitably pools in the center of bras as you wear them. There is nothing sexy or sultry about having to use napkins or tissues to soak that up mid-event or evening out. With boob tape, you can feel free and comfortable. No wires, no pooling sweats!  There is just you looking phenomenal in your skin-bearing dress or tops.  Summer is about hot days, cool nights, and rocking the sexy silhouettes of the season. Boob tape can be an easy and comfortable staple to your summer wardrobe.

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