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Make Talia Di Napoli Your Next Pizza Night! #MBPSUMMERFUN21 #REVIEW


Does your family love pizza night? It's a quick simple meal that often pleases all ages! Yet, on those nights when you are late picking up the kids from summer camp, can't seem to make it through Friday night traffic, and are stuck wondering what to do for dinner because it's already 7pm and everyone is starving, the last thing you want is to wait for the pizza delivery person to show up an hour half later!

Curb those stomach growls with Talia Di Napoli frozen pizzas! Essentially, you can have pizza straight from your freezer to the table within 15 minutes.. and your family (and their stomachs) will thank you! 

Talia Di Napoli Pizzas are a way of life, as the Italians believe. While Little Caesar's and Domino's offer easy pizza options, your taste buds will absolutely love Talia Di Napoli's creations. Created by fourth- generation Italians, these pizzas use the freshest ingredients ... and come straight from Italy, so you know they taste good, because Italians know pizza!

Talia sent me the "A Taste of Talia" package. This comes with 2x Margherita, 2x Mozzarella, 1x Provolina, 1x Rossa, 1x Tartufina, 1x Four Cheese pizzas. I have to say, I've not been disappointed with any of these pizzas!

All you need to do is heat the oven up, unpackage the pizza, and put it in the oven for about 11 minutes for a great taste! I use a pizza stone but the packaging says that you can put it directly into your oven, using nothing.. for me, that never works out well, because it always ends up on the floor, but that's definitely your choice. 

Mozzarella Pizza is delicious!

The Margherita Pizza is Talia's most popular Neapolitian pizza. It comes with a great crust topped with a pomodoro sauce made with red tomatoes from southern Italy. It also comes with basil on top-that extra special touch! It's topped with fresh
mozzarella that you will seriously love! 

The Mozzarella Pizza is Talia's way of allowing the customer to be creative. The Mozzarella comes with the crust and fresh cheese... any toppings and sauces can be used on this for a marvelous tasting adventure! this would make a perfect pizza night where your family can get creative in the kitchen!

Who loves fresh tomatoes on their pizza? The Provolina is great! 

The Provolina Pizza has become one of my favorites. The great crust is topped with fresh provolina cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes. Talia says that this pizza has a smoky flavor.. and not smoky like say, a BBQ, but there is definitely distinct flavor in this pizza! 

The Tartufina is a delicacy pizza that mixes fresh tomato sauce, truffle oil, and mushrooms topped with fresh mozzarella. Unfortunately, this is the only pizza I can't try due to a mushroom dietary restriction, but if its anything like other pizzas, I'm sure its fabulous!

Add as many toppings and/or cheeses to the Rossa as your heart wishes! Great for the lactose intolerant!

The Rossa is meant for those who are lactose-intolerant. With a robust tomato sauce on top of a great crust, this pizza offers the chance for the cheese to be substituted with something for allergies or dietary restrictions. But don't let this pizza fool you- it's great standalone, without any type of cheese at all! 

The Four Cheese pizza combines Switzerland's Emmental Cheese with Italy's Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and Parmesan to offer a perfect combination of goodness!

Talia Di Napoli offers various packages, combinations and single selections of the above pizzas with the occasional Special Edition offered throughout our holiday seasons. Gluten Free Margherita is available for those with that dietary restriction. 

I have to say, I was kind of skeptical about frozen pizza at first. We all have had the grocery store version that tastes.. well, like cardboard, and I was seriously hoping that these would not have the same result. I've come to love the easiness of having these pizzas in my freezer and enjoy the tastes!

 I would say that these pizzas are not really large enough for a family of 4, especially if there are hungry teens in the mix, as they are more of a medium size. There's enough for 2 adults to enjoy, especially if adding a salad or some extra apps to the meal.. but I must confess, one day I missed lunch due to craziness, and I found myself eating the entire pizza at dinner. At 650 calories, it wasn't too bad!

These pizzas are made in Naples, are flash frozen using the cryofrozen method, are shipped sustainably straight to your door (or wherever you get packages.. note, my arrived in our package hub.. so you don't want it too sit too long!).

Each pizza ranges from $13.75 to $18.00 a piece, depending on your selections. Pizzas are not offered individually but do arrive in 6 or 8 packs, mixed or single selections.  I highly recommend these pizzas.. better than the grocery store frozen pizza, less greasy and more authentic than our US chain places, and just as good (and probably healthier) than your local favorite place. 

Italian Pizza offers a very thin crust, herby fresh sauces, and less toppings than American pizza. Italian pizzas use more garlic, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes rather than frozen sauces. Less Cheese is used also. This doesn't take away from the experience, but keep it in mind if you have only allowed your taste buds the experience of American pizza. 

If you are gonna spend the money, it's well worth to have the stock in your freezer! In fact, I was thankful that Talia was in my freezer this past Saturday. After getting home from an exhausting week of Summer Camp, I didn't have to think about going back out in crazy traffic to grab dinner, but instead was able to turn on the oven and warm a pizza up in less than 13 minutes!

Give your family a great Italian Pizza dinner with Talia Di Napoli. Even if you have never traveled to Italy, the tastes and smells of that pizza cooking might just carry you overseas. 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite pizza, select your package, and order from Talia Di Napoli

In just a few short days, Pizza will arrive at your door from Naples! 

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Have you ever experienced Italian Pizza?

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