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How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party


Now that the summer season has arrived, traveling is happening again, and the world is starting to find a new normal, we know how badly you want to see your family and friends and throw a party to celebrate. So, the time has come to start planning that perfect summer party. Though each party is unique and special in its own way, we have few general ideas to make sure your party is one that is memorable, fun, and that a good time will be had by all.


Provide the guests with a take home treat

Yes, you are going to have food and drinks ready to go while your guests are enjoying the party, but it is always a good idea to send them home with a parting gift. You can bag up some BBQ leftovers, put some extra fruit salad in a to-go container, and throw in a few individually wrapped cookies for them to enjoy once they get home. Sending guests home with treats and a few extra yummy goodies is a great way for them to be reminded how much fun they had at the party and how thankful they are to have a host that cares.


Make them feel welcome

Each of your guests will feel welcome in a different way, so as a host, take the time to sit down and think of how you can best make everyone feel right at home. Maybe that means you set up a craft area for the kids, have a special meal prepared for those with allergies or particular food preferences, or you take the time to make a playlist of the guests’ favorite songs for them to dance to. We know you will hit it out of the park when it comes to making guests feel comfortable, you just have to take a moment to put the proper time and effort into doing so.


Provide them with ice cold refreshments

If the heat of the summer is blazing on the day you have decided to throw your party, you want to be sure that there are cold drinks for the guest to enjoy. Keeping the cans and bottles in an ice-cold cooler is a great start and still makes it so the drinks are accessible and ready to be consumed. But if you are having a more intimate gathering, you may want to consider gifting your guests with a bottle koozie or an insulated cup to keep their drinks as chilly as possible.


Have a thorough theme

After the past year and a half of being home and not having an event to dress up and go out for, it might be fun for your guests to dress to a theme. You can go for the classics like a 50’s sock hop, an 80’s jazzercise video, outer space, red carpet glam, etc. This gives your guest something to look forward to, and will allow you to flex your creativity when it comes to decorating, planning the menu, and creating the playlist.


Make sure they are protected from the elements

We know you have prepped to keep their drinks cold, but what other measures are you going to, to ensure they are protected from the elements? We think it is a good idea to have some sunscreen and bug repellent on hand for your guests to use, along with a few ponchos and umbrellas in case of a summer rainstorm. These small touches will take your party from ordinary to extraordinary in no time. Plus, whatever doesn’t get used you can send home with the guests as party favors, or keep them for your next big summer bash.


We hope that you have a blast at your summer party and that your guests enjoy what you have put together for them. Happy summer and happy partying!

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