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Patriotic Paint Dot T-Shirt Craft for Kids and Adults!


Happy (almost) 4th of July weekend! Gosh, does it seem like this holiday just swept right in, or what? For my family, the 4th of July signifies that summer break is halfway over, and we'll be looking at getting our ducks in a row to head back to school in about six weeks. This weekend, however, we won't be thinking about back to school. Instead, we'll be traveling to the beach for a week of fun and relaxation before it's a mad dash of all things back to school and new baby prep!

As I was looking back on past 4th of July celebrations since becoming a mom, I was reminded of some really fun crafts and projects we've done together as a family and shared at Mommy's Block Party. One of my favorite projects with the kids was making t-shirts to celebrate the festivities of the 4th. Sure, we can easily go out and buy patriotic tees from just about anywhere, but it's so much more fun and creative to make them as a family.

We created a quick tutorial on how to make Patriotic Paint Dot T-shirts for the family, and hope you'll check it out! What I love about this craft is that kids can really get creative in making the design their own! Craft and hobby stores are stocked with cool activities for the 4th, so be sure to get your hands on some before the weekend rolls around so you can have fun creating and making memories together!

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What will you do to make this year's 4th of July celebration stand out from the rest?

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