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How To Get Your Kids Ready For A Back-To-School Routine


The pandemic is under control for now, and schools across the US are well on the way to reopening. The phase is challenging for everyone- children, parents, teachers, and schools. Parents can expect the challenge to be a tad bigger because they have to prepare children for a back-to-school routine. It is hard, considering that kids have been at home for almost a year. Resetting their schedules will be easier said than done, while safety at school is another concern.

As a parent, you will also have to help children align with the hybrid mode of learning because it is the new normal. With so must to address, sending your kids back to school will definitely not be a breeze. But you can take some measures to help your children get ready for the new routine. While it will be more of a hit and trial, here are some ways that can set you on the right track. 

Discuss the situation with the child

Sending your kids back to school is a hard decision, and you will probably have second thoughts regarding safety. But things have to get back on track eventually, and children need to learn to live in the new normal. It is a good time to have an open conversation with your child. Discuss the situation and possible challenges and implications ahead. Things are unpredictable, and you can expect them to change at any moment if the number of cases in your areas surges. Hybrid will be the new way of learning in the foreseeable future. Talk about the risks and precautions to create realistic expectations. 

Schedule your child’s vaccination

The COVID vaccine is the best line of defense against the virus. Thankfully, it is also available for young kids in the US now. The FDA has already authorized the Pfizer vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 15. It means you can protect your child by getting them vaccinated before sending them to school. It is best to gather your facts and talk to your doctor to ensure that your child’s vaccination is complete on time. Your specialist can also share some guidelines and inputs to educate children before sending them off to school.

Reinforce the everyday precautions

Getting your child ready for back to school is as much about reinforcing the everyday precautions. Following the rules can take them a long way ahead on the safety front, even if they are not old enough to be vaccinated. But there are good chances they will overlook most of them when they are back to school with peers after such a long time. Explain the urgency of social distancing, even if they are vaccinated. Wearing a mask is equally important, so make sure they wear it properly and carry extra masks to school. Also, pack sanitizer supplies in their bag and educate them about the significance of frequent hand washing. Create awareness about symptoms and timely reporting if they notice them in someone else. 

Make it a happy event 

Apart from the practical aspects and education, you must do your bit to make the event a joyous one for the child. Create special memories with special stationery for their school bags. You can explore www.papayaart.com for gifting options to create a fun and exciting experience for the children. Just doing a little will make the kids happy about going back to school. Connect with the community of parents and teachers and discuss creative and age-appropriate ideas to realign the kids for the change. 

Check the safety measures at school

While preparing your children to rejoin school is one aspect of the picture, you must also learn about the reopening preparations of the school. Gathering several students into a classroom space is inherently risky, no matter how many precautions schools implement. Visit the school and check with the authorities to ensure they are doing enough to adhere to the public health recommendations. If parents are alert enough, schools cannot cut corners with pandemic safety. Prepare a checklist to make sure that every front is covered. It should include the following points.

  • Vaccination of teachers and staff

  • Implementation of social distancing measures in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, toilets, and buses

  • Availability of hand sanitizers and hand-washing facilities on campus

  • Cleaning and disinfection services for high-touch surfaces

  • Rules for handling sickness and stay at home cases

  • Readiness plan to deal with an outbreak

Schedule an annual health check

Another important aspect of the back-to-school readiness of your child is an annual examination to ensure they are healthy. Visit your primary care doctor for a complete medical check-up. Get recommendations for supplements and immunity boosters so that the child is in a good shape to fight the virus naturally. Keep track of scheduled vaccinations and other health issues. Parents of kids who suffer from health conditions such as asthma and diabetes need to be extra careful. A little precaution can make a big difference to keep your child safe from the virus. 

Listen to the child's concerns

Joining school after a year can be overwhelming for an average kid. They will be excited, nervous, and apprehensive at the same time. They look up to their parents as confidants and trusted sources of information. Ensure that the child is comfortable enough to express any concerns or anxiety they experience about returning to school amid the pandemic. Be patient and available as they want answers and reassurance that going back will be safe. Expect questions of all kinds, such as whether they will have to wear a mask all day or if they can shake hands with friends. Listen calmly and answer honestly. 

Parental responsibilities become bigger amid the pandemic as you have to ensure safety and emotional support for your kids. It gets even more challenging when you have to prepare them for the back-to-school routine. Consider preparations at all levels, from physical to mental and emotional. It will get them ready to rejoin happily and safely! 

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