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Dream Deeper with FluffCo Pillows #MBPMOMANDBABY21 #Review


Thanks to FluffCo for sending me these great pillows in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Let's be real. When was the last time you had quality deep sleep? When was the last time you actually purchased items to help you achieve quality deep sleep? 

Pillows probably are not at the top of Mom's priority list. After all, there are littles to feed, homes to clean, laundry to wash, dishes to rinse, and groceries to be bought. Bedding is most likely the LAST thing you think about until you are so tired that you just pass out each evening. Then, at that point you might realize how flat and uncomfortable your pillows are and wish you could experience that last vacation's hotel atmosphere at home. 

What if you could achieve that wonderful sleep that you experience in luxurious hotels? You can with FluffCo pillows! 

FluffCo wants to bring that luxury feeling to your home, at an affordable level! FluffCo aims to put ridiculously comfortable pillows on your bed with lower costs than say, what the Ritz Carlton pays for their pillows. 

When our pillows suit our spine alignment, no matter if its only a few hours between hearing the word "Mom", that deep sleep can be achieved faster and better! FluffCo pillows are made from Tencel, an eucalyptus material that offers a cooling affect. For those of us who are "hot" sleepers, this is fantastic as it helps prevent neck sweat (especially with summer months and long hair!). 

FluffCo's pillow quiz will help you determine if you are a soft or firm gal, based on your sleeping preferences and spinal alignment. Two types of pillows are offered: Down Feather or Down Alternative. 

Down Alternative Soft Pillow

I was sent two soft Down Alternative pillows to try out. So far, after several nights of sleep, I can say I'm definitely resting better. These pillows are SOOO soft and comfortable that I drift right off to dreamland! So far, no nightmares have popped up my way yet. I chose Down Alternative because, at times my allergies don't always like Down Feather pillows.. and I love being able to wash them too! 

I think the softness of the pillows makes my head feel like it's on a cloud, and I've noticed I've not been waking up with neck stiffness or problems as much as I did with my last ones. 

The Down Alternative Pillows are 100% vegan, are machine washable on cold water, and come in standard or king sizing with firm or soft filling. 

The Down Feather Pillows are not machine washable, made with white duck feathers and white duck down, and provide a wonderful sleep experience! 

For Moms with littles who like to jump in bed with you, I think the Down Alternative ones are the way to go. While the Down Feather pillows can be cleaned via spot remover, there is something comfortable about knowing that a Down Alternative pillow can be thrown in the wash after juice or breakfast in bed spillage that we all know occurs! 

New Moms: sleep is ever so important for you, and with baby in the home, having comfortable bedding that supports your spine, aligns your neck, and helps your breathing will be important in between those late night feedings. We all know that new moms (and dads) sleep little, so FluffCo pillows will help you out when you do have a moment to catch those Z's! While you aren't physically in a fancy hotel with a spa like experience, having FluffCo pillows might help you relax and unwind some! 

FluffCo aims to source their pillows with integrity and also gives back to their local homeless community in the greater Los Angeles area. I love hearing about companies that not only care about their customers but also value their communities and neighbors! 

If you haven't changed out your pillows in a while and are looking for a good upgrade, FluffCo is definitely the way to go. Purchase a FluffCo pillow and drift off into a luxurious night of sleep surrounded by the best pillows ever. 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase your Down Feather or Down Alternative Pillow from FluffCo to experience a deep wonderful sleep. 

Follow FluffCo's socials to learn more about sleep and bedding care! 

Do you like firm or soft pillows?

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