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To the Men That Made Us Moms

I met my husband when I was pregnant with E.  I met him within 5 days of learning I was pregnant.  I didn't realize in that moment that this would be the man that would step up and be a dad to E and love my son as much as I do.  It takes a strong man to do that and I am lucky and proud to be married to a man that is that strong.

Well, 21 years ago we didn't stay around each other and moved on in different relationships. He was blessed with a beautiful daughter and 14 years ago we found our way back to each other. We have a perfect blended family.  We raised our children together as a couple and with their other parents creating a pretty unique co-parenting environment.  It didn't come without struggles but we all agreed at the end of the day that our kids benefitted more from love than pride and hurt feelings.  

E's biological father was absent for many years, but when E turned 16 I expressed to E the importance of knowing his father and building a relationship.  While his dad and I didn't work out romantically, each of our hurt feelings needed to lay in the past.  It was never about E and our pride stood in the way.  E struggled with it at first but when those 2 get together they are so alike it is hysterical to watch.  Since then, we do family dinners together, E's dad checks in on me to make sure I'm keeping sane with E gone, and we respect each other. 

Being a parent takes work. You have to look beyond yourself to see the bigger picture. The kids didn't ask to be here... we brought them into the world and are tasked with showing them how it works even when sometimes we don't know ourselves. We learn together.  Now, I fully know not all situations are the same and there are some of you that are raising children on your own.  I did for a long time too, but through every struggle I had and anger I had towards E's dad over the years I can honestly say the best thing he ever did for me was give me E. I will always be thankful for that.  I am even more thankful that being hurt by him taught me to love differently and I met the man and father of my dreams.  So for both of them, today's puzzle is Anagram Father's Day edition.

How many words can you make from the word Father?

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