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The Documents and Paperwork Movers Should Provide


When it comes to moving, make sure you are not just looking for a moving company to hire. A good Pinehurst moving company should also be able to provide you with the necessary documents and forms to keep track of everything done in the process. 

This is for the safety of your items and yourself as well as the movers. The following are some of the documents your moving company should provide;

Your Moving Estimate and Quotes

Once a moving company such as Movegreen Santa Clarita has been able to survey and assess your belongings, they should be able to write you an estimate and give you a quote. Usually, what you can expect in the estimates includes packing charges, labor, storage, transportation, insurance, and any other potential service.

Before you agree to the estimate, you also have the right to go through it and check the specific types of moving estimates included. Make use of it. Check out the non-binding estimate, binding estimate, binding not to exceed estimate, and every other type of estimate included in the document.

Bill of Lading

This is pretty much the most important document you are going to need your movers to provide if you decide to hire a moving company. Essentially, a bill of lading is a binding agreement between you and the moving company. What this means is that you both have come to an agreement on certain terms and conditions.

It legally binds the contract between you and the company and the services you are going to get. Whatever is included in the bill of lading should also be included in another document called the order for service. You can also think of this as a receipt including all the charges, moving rates, shipment and transport, payment methods, and all mover’s information.

Order of Service

Just like the bill of lading, this is also a document with everything about the contracts; the estimates, charges, payment methods, insurance information, moving rates, mover information, and just about any seemingly tiny detail about the agreement of the whole moving process.

Order of service is attached to the bill of lading and needs to be signed by both you and the mover. You also both need to have a copy of this document just for the record and to keep track of the process. And of course, acts as security in case of anything.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

When you hire a moving company, you are both subjected to certain rights and responsibilities. This is also a document your mover is supposed to provide. It is also attached to another document known as ready to move brochure, authorized by the FMCSA.

These important forms or documents provide you with information on choosing a household goods carrier, instructions about how to deal with complaints, questions, and any other inquiries concerning your moving process, and more important factors for your security. If a company doesn’t provide this document, you might as well just look for another company that values your safety.

Liability Options

Your movers should also provide you with a document of explanation of liability options. Make sure that the different levels of liabilities are well explained in your rights and responsibility document. They may be added information on liability options.

Local movers, especially, may have multiple liability options for their customers. This is because they are not subjected to the federal regulations, rather, to the state transportation laws. Ensure you have a full explanation and information of all these options before you choose any plan. 

There are two liability options required by the federal regulation for the interstate/ local movers. They must provide a Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection for all their interstate customers. 

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