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Give Dad A Hot OR Cold Cup Of Coffee To Go With A Tumbler From Greens Steal #MBPDadsDay21

Thanks to Greens Steal for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Dad needs a hot or cold caffeinated beverage just as much as mom!

While I prefer a hot coffee, my hubby absolutely loves his iced coffees. He has never been one to invest in a high quality tumbler for his cold beverages and instead, continuously adds ice to his drink. I've tried to get to see the benefit to an insulated, steel tumbler and he is always hesitant to spend the money on the overpriced versions on the market. 

Doing some research, I discovered the company Greens Steel which is extremely affordable and for just a fraction of the price of some tumblers on the market, works just as well, if not better at keeping beverages hot and cold! 

20 oz Stainless Steel Double Insulated Coffee Tumbler on SALE for $19!

Greens Steal is an Eco-Friendly company who...

"... has an ambitious goal to protect the earth by
minimizing waste, reusing where possible, and removing potential
toxins from our homes. Our aim is to create an impact and reduce
the world’s carbon footprint by offering a competitive alternative to
plastic drinkware." www.greenssteel.com

Single use plastic is a major damage-producing problem in our country. While recycling helps, it isn't always the best option. The best choice above all is to beat the problem at it's source- begin to solely use reusable products in your home. These products do not leech toxins into hot drinks, nor do they change the taste of your drink. 

Greens Steal was kind enough to send along an assortment of products for Father's Day and I am so excited for my husband to enjoy the selection of amazing goodies! He is going to feel like a king with his 30 oz tumbler and ice cold coffee. I have brand new motivation to begin making fresh pitchers of overnight cold brew. 

Another popular product they sell are stainless steel straws. I began using these a couple years ago and have not looked back. They are absolutely amazing and an easy switch. We love to drink with straws and found ourselves using way too many of the plastic variety. These straws are a great alternative and very affordable. 

4 Pack Stainless Steel Straws on SALE for $5!

Now is the time to visit Greens Steal and check out all of their products. They have an amazing sale going on right now and you don't want to miss out on the savings!

They have screw top water bottles for just $15. These items make the perfect gift for dad or anyone in your life, really. I plan to gift some of these products to my sweet hubby this Sunday and give him the gift of cold coffee, all day long! 

There is something for everyone and I hope you'll head over and check out Greens Steel this Father's Day. We are so appreciative of our friends at Greens Steel for partnering with us so that we can share these amazing products with you. 


Check out their selection of tumblers, cups, bottles and straws at the Greens Steel website and be sure to head over and visit them on social media so you'll never miss out the latest: 



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