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9 Benefits of Journaling Every Day


Journaling has been a powerful tool for those seeking to change their lives. It can be used in many ways, and there are so many benefits of journaling it's hard to list them all! Journaling is a creative outlet, an emotional release, and much, much more.
The best thing about writing is that you don't have to follow any specific rules - you get the freedom to write whatever you want. If you're looking for some guidance on how or why to start your own journal, take a look at these nine reasons why people should journal every day!

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Journaling has become a beneficial habit for many, many people. Some swear by getting out their notebook and writing for 10-20 minutes each day. Many would tell you how therapeutic it is to get some words out and onto paper or typed out. Though there are many reasons that people like to journal, the truth is, it’s always the most helpful for those that practice it regularly.

Why Should You Journal?

Imagine yourself on a day where you're stuck in your head, endlessly thinking about the future or past. You may find it difficult to focus and feel like there's no room for creativity. This is an exhausting way of living! If journaling can help with all these things, then why not give this article some thought?

Do you ever get caught up inside your thoughts? It might be hard to think straight because they just keep coming back around again and again (like that song from Frozen). Writing them down will make those thoughts less overwhelming so maybe try something new: Journaling!

Anxiety and depression may remain a constant in your life and can worsen if that is something that you are struggling with. With no creative outlet, you may feel stifled or just like you are constantly in a funk. That’s exhausting!

Below are some common reasons why people like to journal every day. Often, people decide to journal for multiple reasons and find several benefits once they get started.

1. Set (and achieve) goals - 2 in 1!

In your journal, write down all of the short-term and long-term goals you hope to achieve. It is always helpful for a plan to have details with deadlines attached to be referred back to if needed. When looking at something you've accomplished, the best feeling in life is crossing it out from your list because you achieved your goal!

You can also create an outline detailing specific steps and deadlines for each goal so that as they are met, it will make your mental health better because looking back at progress is very insightful! Keeping a journal can also be your accountability tool to stay on track with all of your goals.

2. Track progress and growth

It's important to make progress in your life, and journaling can be an effective way to do that. Did you lose 5 pounds over the last month? Document what worked for positive results, such as eating healthier or working out more often. Check off completed tasks or add. If it was simply about getting rid of negative thoughts, then discuss.

3. Record your big ideas

If you have a busy mind, it's time to get everything down on paper! A journal is a perfect place for making lists that can be utilized in your future. Make lists of places you want to travel to, create a 30 before 30 bucket list or just jot down some motivational quotes.

Vision boards are all the rage, and why not make one in your journal with inspirational messages? Journaling is also a great place to brainstorm ideas and store them!

4. Evaluate day-to-day life

If you feel like your days are too long, write down what you do during the day for an entire week. You can see where all of your time is going and make some changes to be more productive!

Maybe there's something that doesn't have as much value for you anymore but still takes up a lot of time - swap this out so that instead of spending less on one thing, spend more on another! Do regular check-ins to continue making progress in becoming who we want to be every single day.

5. Improve communication skills

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words when talking with someone close, even if you want to share. Journaling regularly is a great way of improving your communication skills and finding new ways of expressing yourself.
The more we learn how to talk about our thoughts and feelings, the more comfortable we become sharing them in person too. It's also helpful as an outlet for times when there seems like no one around who understands what you're going through or has time for listening.

6. Manage problems and find solutions

Journaling can also help with problem-solving. When faced with a difficult situation, it's often hard to know where to start or what to do next. And when the issue is really bothering us, it becomes even harder to think straight and come up with workable solutions.

When problems live only in our minds, they can be destructive. They may feel bigger than they are and take away the mental focus we need for other areas of our lives.
By journaling, you can get the issues out of your head and onto paper. Then, you brainstorm ways to solve these things that bother us so much! Lightening the burden on your mind allows for clarity to easily find solutions when it comes time to solving any problem bothering or troubling us throughout life's processions- including financial struggles during times like tough economic cycles.

7. Reduce anxiety and depression

When you journal, it's like having your own personal therapist in the form of a notebook. You write down everything that is happening to you each day and note any feelings or thoughts that cross your mind throughout everyday life. When we are behind closed doors with our notebooks, there isn't anyone else around to react negatively.

Journaling can be used as an outlet for all those unspoken emotions which sometimes go unnoticed until they have either been built up into something unmanageable or explode outwards without warning because someone has said something triggering, such as 'you're so negative today. Writing down your thoughts on paper is an excellent way to identify the triggers that cause your particular emotions.

8. A creative outlet for your mind

Journaling can be a therapeutic way to express yourself creatively. Just because you don't have the talent for drawing or creating visually artistic works doesn't mean that journaling is not your speed. There are many ways of expressing creativity through writing, so grab some paper and get started with whatever strikes you!

9. Positive way to release emotions

It's important not just what you put into your journal but also how you present that information on the page by using a positive tone of voice and highlighting areas in which an individual can feel accomplished or proud.

Journaling has been proven repeatedly as one of the best ways for people to relieve their minds from negative thoughts and feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration.

Benefits of journaling every day:

  • You have a safe space to express yourself without being judged.
  • Journaling helps you get clarity about your thoughts, feelings, and goals in life, making it easier for you to achieve them.
  • It can also help with releasing some stress that may be weighing on your shoulders.
Journaling is a great habit to get into for many reasons. You can gain clarity about your thoughts, feelings, and goals in life. It also gives you an outlet that helps with stress and anxiety relief. The more you journal, the better it gets! If this all sounds good but too overwhelming, we would be happy to help you start or pick up where you left off on your writing journey.

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