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You Have to Try These Beautiful Nail Designs

 There are few things in life as therapeutic as a dazzling manicure. Whether you're meeting up with friends, or you're stuck at home, staying up to date with nail trends is always fun. Plus, it's a fabulous way to get expressive while treating yourself during these dull, pandemic days.

Nail designs are evolving all the time and they keep getting better. These new nail designs are beautiful for nail technicians looking to brush up their skills and talent as well. Even if you're not a pro nail artist, there are many ways to bling up your nails. Plus, why not experiment and unleash your inner nail artist?

So before you get a nail polish remover, let's go through some gorgeous, head-turning nail designs that are an absolute must-try this season.

Gradient Nails with Gem Accent

Gradient nails are at peak popularity right now. A similar but more fresh take on ombre, a gradient nail has two different colors merged seamlessly together with a subtle shift. Try a nude gradient nail in any season for a chic, statement look.

To do it at home, choose two different nail colors that complement each other when mixed. Brush two strokes of your chosen 'gradient' shades on a sponge and then dab it on your nail. Bring out your inner diva by pressing on some gems around the base for a dose of sparkle.

Sparkly Gold Tips With Bold Colors

Dare to get bold and play with some glitz and glitter. A matte black nail with gold accents on the tips is always a gorgeous look. You can also go for other rich colors like burgundy, and navy that complement gold. You can even have one gold nail on each side for some extra 'oomph.' 

Pastel Nails; Gold Tips

Feeling summery? A perfect spring and summer manicure calls for some pastel shades. You can paint each nail in a different shade of pastel for a super fun look. Then add silver or gold french tips for a touch of glam. This design is bound to look cute and dainty. 

Fairy Dust Nails

For a dreamy, iridescent look, fairy dust is the best way to finish off your manicure. This will give a gleaming rainbow shine and color reflecting off your nails that is eye-catching and breathtakingly pretty.

Matte ; Chrome French Tips

Chrome nails are very popular right now. Channel your goth-glam vibes with metallic nails in shades of grey. Then add silver chrome stripes on the tips to make your design pop. Achieving chrome nails at home is possible using salon-approved chrome powder. 

Pearl nails

Pearl nails are never out of fashion. They are soft, feminine and they glow with a feminine and elegant shine. Pair your pearlescent nail polish with ballerina-shaped nails for a truly feminine and festive look.

Holographic Silver Chrome Nails

Holographic nails are all the rage right now. You can try a silver holographic nail that reflects a multitude of rainbow-like colors. This look is bold, trendy, and screams fashion statement. Head over to your nearest nail technician or get some holographic nail glitter powder to play with this amazing nail design. 

We hope this article gave you some fun and innovative nail design inspo for your next manicure. So, don't wait any longer and get those nails looking swoon-worthy!

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