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What to Do if Your (Adult) Child is Sent to County Jail

 No parent wants to receive the news that his or her child has been sent to county jail. But if it happens to your son or daughter, you need to be prepared for the situation and know how to best support your child.



Let Your Child Know You Care


When you first hear that your child has been sent to the county jail, you will naturally be swarmed with emotions like anger, sadness, and frustration. But when you first contact your son or daughter, it is important you are not too hard on him or her. Keep in mind that your child is going through a much more traumatic experience than you. Letting your child know you love him or her does not mean you approve of his or her actions, but it can certainly help to ease the psychological damage your child could experience in county jail.


Send Money to Your Incarcerated Child in a Specific State Like Texas


One of the best ways to support your incarcerated son or daughter is to send money. Having money in a county jail can transform an inmate’s experience from being a time of hardship to the best possible situation he or she can be in behind bars. With additional money, prisoners can purchase items like shavers, books, radios, envelopes, clothes, and snacks. To send money to your incarcerated child, your first step is to find the details of the county jail he or she is in. In the modern online age, it is simple to find the relevant details and Find an Inmate. For example, if your son or daughter is in a jail in Texas, you can use an online inmate search engine. All you need to do is input the person’s name and a date range to discover whether he or she is in Hunt, TX county jail or another facility in Texas. Once you have discovered your child’s location, view the county jail’s website or contact it directly to find out the precise steps you need to take to send money to your son or daughter.


Help with Legal Support


One of the best ways you can support your child is to help with legal matters. You should begin by determining whether a private attorney or a public defender will represent your son or daughter. If you opt for a private attorney, get him or her on board as soon as possible. Getting representation for your child early on can minimize the risk of something being said that could be damaging later.


Write and Visit


Your child will fare much better in county jail when he or she has contact and communication with the outside world, particularly with his or her loved ones. While the art of letter writing may belong in the past, you will not be able to simply email, text, or phone your child, so you should definitely take the time to write letters. It is also one of the best ways of communicating because a letter gives you the time to express your thoughts with care and deliberation. From your child’s point of view, receiving letters is a little ray of light in a tough situation. The more often you write to your son or daughter, the less alone he or she will feel. So, write regularly. Once a week is a good idea. If the county jail is not too far away, you should also visit as often as possible. Time will always be short when visiting in person, which is why it is important to also send letters, but seeing your child face-to-face will undoubtedly help him or her to get through the challenging county jail experience.


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