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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Celebrate Yourself


Happy Saturday, friends. I've been struggling a little lately trying to come up with fascinating details of my day to share with you. My days have been far from what one might consider share-worthy and you may have noticed lots of "it's such and such day" posts the last couple of weekends. I was trying to avoid that this weekend, but as luck would have it....my days have continued to be pretty ordinary so here we are.

Don't worry though, today's such and such day is pretty awesome- it's "International Being You Day"! 

Now, I *think* today is the 1st International Being You Day. According to Accessconsciousness.com,  the mission for Being You Day is to empower each of us to know our dreams of what is possible has more value than fitting in, to invite every person to embrace their unique abilities & to stop comparing our lives to others, and to inspire all to use lightness, joy, & laughter as a guide to who we choose to be.

I want you to know that you absolutely deserve to celebrate yourself every single day, but I really hope that you choose to join in the celebration today. You are magnificent and you deserve (at least) a day to chase your dreams unabashedly and to truly embrace what makes YOU the wonderful person you are.

Have a splendid Saturday!

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