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Summer Health Care Tips for Kids

All good parents put a decent focus on their kid's care and will be well aware of the maintenance it takes to ensure their children are safe through different activities, seasons, and any other variable they can think of. While there is now much less need for our winter hats and scarves (sort of), we start to think about what we need to be prepared for in the summer for both our children and us!

Read this piece to make sure you have everything covered and ready for when the summer season begins!

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a holy grail for almost everyone who wants to get out in the sunshine. The sun is well known for omitting UV rays that can be dangerous for our skin and can cause skin cancer when the skin is exposed to high and constant levels. It will come as no surprise that children's skin is far more delicate than adult skin as the skin is thinner, which means it can burn much more quickly. Pair that with children's impressive ability to stay outside for hours on end in the sun, only stopping for a quick drink every now and then, and this can spell a recipe for disaster if a high factor sunscreen is not applied regularly.

Keep an Eye on Those Teeth

Summer can very much be associated with sweet treats. Whether it is all those delicious ice-cream flavors that come out to play, the extra sweets from the summer parties or even the lush fruit that comes into season during the warmer months, this newfound freedom with sugar can cause havoc on teeth if they are not properly cared for. 

If your kids are indulging more in the summer on foods that are rich in sugar, then be sure to make sure that they are cleaning their teeth properly after. We all know that sugar spells cavities if it is left on the tooth for too long, and we also know how easy it is to perform an insufficient brush when there are other far more exciting things to think about, so be sure to make sure that your kids are brushing and flossing properly! For more information on keeping your children's teeth in tiptop condition, head over to alexjonesdentistry.com!

Keep a Bedtime Routine 

As summer holidays kick in and the lighter nights ramp up the daytime hours, bedtime can fall a little to the wayside. It might not seem as important when school is out, and the sun is still shining at 6pm, but routines are extremely important for children no matter how light it is outside. To do this, be sure to stick to routine bedtimes as much as physically possible and make sure the children have plenty of wind-down time before bed each night. This combined will ensure that they are less likely to go to bed all excitable and restless and will be able to maintain and regulate their energy levels and mood.

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